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Amin Nahal In general, yes. However, as a nutritionist, the focus needs to be on the digestibility of Amino Acids (AA) and energy value (ME) of the protease in use. It will depend on many factors mainly related to the quality of SBM used in the diets and the formulation (AA/ME ratio!) and many other factors. I will recommend you reach out to one of the R&D team members at Novus International, ...
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Thank you very much for the interesting questions! DP100 is a type of keratinase that belong to serine protease and it’s produced by Bacillus licheniformis PWD-1. Within the serine proteases, DP100 belongs to the subtilisin-like proteases group in which chymotrypsin belongs to.Data shows that the protease DP100 can be blended with other enzymes such as phytase, xylanase and NSPase without ne ...
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Andrea de Gortari -marketing manager, Latin America North, Novus International- points out how Novus in Latin America North is planning to grow its relationship with customers in 2020, and the range of specialties products for this region, during IPPE 2020
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What should producers know when it comes to selecting a protease enzyme to combat trypsin inhibitor? Hear what Raquel Araujo -Senior R&D Analyst, Novus International- said about this topic in the recent edition of IPPE 2020, in Atlanta, USA
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Mike Schulz, senior research specialist at Novus explains the capabilities and how having an in-house laboratory helps Novus researchers and customers alike.
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“We are committed to bringing the top organic trace minerals and enzymes in the market,” said Ed Galo, CCO, Executive Director at Novus International, during the 5th edition of Novus KOLEM 2019.
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