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SYNBIO TECH In c. was established in 2000 as a research unit focusing on lactic acid bacteria in Taiwan. It has grown into top 3 probiotic suppliers in Asia and top 20 in the world.  The company is driven by our believe “Better Probiotic, Better Life”. To accomplish this goal, S...
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kundeti Vignesh Kumar Hi, Mr. KumarYes, we have, the product SYNSEA™ FeedAd for feed addition & SYNSEA™ Clean for water quality improvement, product related information please check our "product list". If you have any request please don't be hesitate to contact our sales manager, Thank you.
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3/13/2019 - Thailand
Article published the January 15, 2019
All the intestinal tracts of healthy aquatic animal contain lactic acid bacteria and other probiotics to assist with body function and immune growth. The intestinal tract is the body’s biggest immune organ. Those hosts that lack for a healthy microflora can rapidly die from infection. Hence these probiotics have a symbiotic effect with their hosts. Most of the animals in fisheries are ovipar ...
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Article published the January 15, 2019
As the global animal husbandry industry enters the post-antibiotic era, “gut microbiota” replacing antibiotics has become the current new topic of discussion in animal intestinal nutrition. There are over 400 different microbial organisms in the animal intestinal tract, which can be classified into pathogenic, neutral and beneficial bacteria, that influencing the physiological function ...
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Video published on November 30, 2018
Tey Guan, Animal Health Specialist at Synbio Tech Inc, introduces the probiotic for Aquaculture SYNSEA™, Probiotic from fish for Aquaculture, probiotic strains derived from the gut of different fish species, and is the most suitable for aquatic animals.
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