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Excellent paper! In high productive layers - the hopefully healthy - liver is the basis for nearly everything. All efforts in order to support liver health - pay back!
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Rama Prasad Chakraborty Yes, absolutely, I also appreciate your opinion. However, unfortunately many in the industry have not explored the advantages of full-fat soybeans (FFSB) not only from the energy content standpoint of view, but also, as I wrote, from the opportunity to considerably decrease residual trypsin inhibitors to almost zero by proper processing. It is not easy to overprocess FFSB ...
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While there are other sources of GAA being offered in the market, Creamino is the one available directly from the manufacturer with in-house raw material production, end-to-end quality assurance, security of supply and backed by 30 years of creatine expertise.
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It could be argued that animal nutrition as a global industry really kicked off when the idea of selling supplements to better balance out the nutritional values of feedstuffs began. Clearly, it was a landmark development.Another transformative moment came when the industry began to refine the concept of what it meant to keep an animal health, and to better understand how the proper functioning of ...
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Thank you
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Dear Oguejiofor, sodium diformate itself has no pKa value, since it is a salt of an organic acid. Since the molecule splits inside the GI-tract of the animal into formic acid and sodium formate, you can say that parts of the molecule have the pKa of formic acid, which is ~3.8.
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cool David congratulation so as well for Turkey now. Best Regards Christoph
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Excellent article! Creamino has recently received FDA approval for all poultry species. In addition to the performance and yield benefits seen with broilers, improvements in fertility, hatchability and rate of lay has been seen when Creamino is added to broiler breeder and layer diets.
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George EntzSorry you are right it did not reach me. I send you mail so you have now my contact data as well Best Regards Christoph
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dan hofer although it’s not the silver bullet, I found that birds droppings are more firms and overall litter quality improved with lowering my water’s PH to 3.8-4, and using also some organic acids blends in the feed. It’s a trick more in my sleeve to lower antibiotics use in my flocks. I don’t use BMD or any group 3 preventively since 4 years now with the help of acids.
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