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Dear PHILIP QUINN, our product contains a minimum of 85% polyphenols as a blend of natural flavouring additives. I am more in favour for saying "the dose makes the poison", rather than incriminating herbal extracts. You are welcome to contact me for further informations ( Have a nice day, Olivier.
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Dear Joe Stanyer , Thank you for your message, so far the trials have been done on rabbits and lambs under heat stress. I will let you know if I see anything on turkeys.
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Hi Albert, Yes I understand you can improve digestibility of some feedstuffs. But from what I have seen, it was not useful to prevent footpad lesions (2012 J. Appl. Poult. Res). Perhaps you could also publish an article to share your experience Regards
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We don't have such data because the trials are done with the ingredients that we produce: plant extracts (polyphenols/tannins). As far as I know, the authors acknowledged in this article also worked with a mixture of enzymes (xylanase, ß-glucanase, cellulase, pectinase, amylase, and mannanase) in a formulation containing barley, but it did not have any preventive effect on footpad lesions.
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Marco Baroni Yes I remember, I just hope you have tried with italian chestnut extract! You can contact me for this of course. I am waiting for research papers to be published on diahrrea in piglets, so I will keep you update.
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Steffen Hansen currently unpublished, but I can send by email some performance data ( I will check if we will publish this on Engormix anytime soon
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Hi Steffen, Yes one study, although they compared 3000 ppm ZnO with partial replacement (Silvafeed+half dose ZnO). It gave good results for FCR, BWG and reduction of diarrhea (no visible change for feed intake)
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Thank you sir. Desrues, I am very interested in the use of tannins and the various uses that can be made, even non-food use example quebracho tree tannins, for controlling and productions of compounds that cause manure odors, including hydrogen sulphide. I've read the studies ARS (USDA) scientists research and I hope the results obtained in vitro can be replicated in breeding.
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Hi Marco, Good to see that you keep track of every possible use of tannins! Yes there are studies on hydrolysable tannins to reduce boar taint, but to my understanding they mainly look at the effect on hormones and enzymes that influence clearance of skatole. Bilic 2016, Agro Sustain. Dev 36:62 (DOI 10.1007/s13593-016-0399-1) Bee 2016, Animal 1:9 (doi:10.1017/S1751731116002597) my email: odes ...
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You said it kills microbes, what about bacterial adaptation? Perhaps you should take it into account in your strategy?
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