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Interesting discussion. As Dr. Hansen has explained, enzymes increase the ability of an animal to utilise certain nutrients (energy, phosphorous, amino acid). They do this by helping break down compounds that prevent utilisation; in the case of phytase, this is the phytate complex, in the case of NSP enzmyes, the various non-starch polysaccharides that can prevent adequate digestion of feed compon ...
Participation in Forum on September 5, 2021
Talaat Mostafa El-Sheikh, the manufacturers of the enzyme products, conduct trials to estimate the amount of nutrients the specific enzyme releases, such as energy, phosphorus, amino acids, etc. The matrix values express the difference between Control and the Control + enzyme. It is important to ask the distributor/manufacturer of the given enzyme product how many trials they used to derive the ...
Participation in Forum on September 2, 2021
That is not true. Matrix values express the amount of nutrients the manufacturer of an enzyme product believes the product can release. All enzymes are substrate specific, so the matrix value will be wrong if you add an enzyme in a diet with no substrate for that enzyme.
Participation in Forum on September 21, 2020
Johnson Claire , a low fibre content in the feed you use for the pregnant sows may explain the constipation you have experienced. The problem usually deriorate if the sows are confined in crates.
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Ali Afsar I recognize quite a bit of that text...
Participation in Forum on November 28, 2019
Emmanuel Nwaotule what do you specifically do to minimise the effect of nutrient variability on animal performance? Nutrient variability in most feed ingredients varies a lot and if you just use table values you are certainly risking to reduce animal performance significantly. It is a big challenge to obtain exact information about the batch of raw material you are using for the feed. For example, ...
Participation in Forum on November 26, 2019
Were the piglets housed individually?
Participation in Forum on October 21, 2019
Park W. Waldroup It is not completely useless if you know the relative value of each phytase product. I suppose the efficacy of each phytase mainly depends on pH optimums and how fast the phytase works and that is why one FTU is not always one FTU in vivo. In Danish pig production, we do not use phytase matrix values when we formulate feed. Instead, each raw material has individual values for the ...
Participation in Forum on October 11, 2019
David Burch, I would not consider a trial with two replicates per treatment group for statistically sound even with individual tagging. As you mave have noticed the authors have also included FI and FCR which I assume have only two observations per treatment group. IMHO these figures can be accidental as we know that the individual pen has a very big influence on animal performance. What we usual ...
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I think you should re-evaluate your statistical approach when you design your trials. With two replicates per treatment group the statistical power is almost as weak as it can be.
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