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Soya processing under toasting and over toasting can be related to koh solubility. How the uretic activities good range for soya poultry feed.
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Nelson Ruiz (Nelson Ruiz Nutrition, LLC) talked about the factors to take into account when analyzing these two feed ingredients, during IPPE 2019 in Atlanta, USA.
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ConclusionsThe assay performed was performed using Chromobacterium violaceum CV026 strain, capable of producing violacein in response to the presence of short chain N-aclyhomoserine lactones.  Ecobiol®, prevented the production of violacein demonstrating the quorum quenching activity on C. violaceum CV026, using either C6 HSL (homoserine lactone) as a substrate.Introduction"Quor ...
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Interesting article. No doubt enzymes are an important tool in intestinal health. But there is still a long way ahead until we fully understand the complex interactions of all variables, like ingredient composition and its variation, usage of other additives, like organic acids, butyrate, etc, predominant microflora, and others. And this is even worse in swine, where intestinal fermentation can ac ...
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The biggest challenges facing the poultry industry today include disease prevention, particularly in the absence of antibiotics, and optimum nutrition, especially with regards to being able to incorporate novel/local ingredients into the diet. Interestingly these two are linked as much of the disease pressure that challenges current poultry production is enteric in its nature. Since the presence o ...
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