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EVONIK ANIMAL NUTRITION AT A GLANCE Evonik is one of the world’s leading specialty chemicals companies. The central elements of our strategy for sustained value creation are profitable growth, efficiency and values. In 2017 Evonik’s more than 36,000 employees generated sales of &euro...
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To meet the challenges of our growing population sustainably, livestock feeding practices need to be improved. Optimized protein supply plays a major role, which is where Mepron® from Evonik comes in. Learn more about how your farm can benefit from this important feed additive in this short video.
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Dr Anup Kalra Mepron® mini-pellets carry 85% methionine – that’s top of the class. Thanks to the unique coating technology, Mepron® is stable in all mixing and conveying procedures in a feed mill and in a TMR. It delivers 60% of metabolizable methionine to the cow which makes it the most e?cient rumen protected methionine. The typical daily dose is 8-15g.
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We are using meprone from last two years, it helps balancing Ratiom. It also has good results in conception.
Article published the January 27, 2020
The protein in alfalfa silage is subject to extensive degradation to non protein nitrogen (NPN) in the silo. Furthermore, the NPN in alfalfa silage is rapidly degraded to ammonia in the rumen and, if not captured as microbial protein, will end up largely as urea-N excreted in the urine. Milk production and milk nitrogen (N) efficiency have improving potential through amino acid balancing. Milk-N p ...
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Article published the November 8, 2019
Transition – a metabolic challenge The transition phase is the period of exceptional metabolic challenges. Daily milk yield increases rapidly but DMI does not follow fast enough. Energy balance is negative and NEFA (non-esterified fatty acid) levels go up as cows mobilize body fat. Keeping close-up DMI on a high level prepares the cow for high DMI post calving. Preventing metabolic issues i ...
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Article published the September 17, 2019
Research conducted at the US Dairy Forage Research Center in Madison (WI) has shown the potential for improving milk nitrogen (N) efficiency by more than 20 % through balancing amino acids and reducing crude protein levels fed. Milk nitrogen efficiency is a measure of how much of the protein (hence nitrogen) fed appears in milk versus being wasted and posing environmental challenges. Experimental ...
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Article published the August 25, 2019
Key information Mepron® is a dust free mini pellet (1.8 * 3mm) with a very high degree of durability and low humidity with min. 85 % content of DL-methionine in a rumen protected form. Its specific gravity (1.2 kg/L), bulk density (650 kg/m3) and angle of repose (21°) assure excellent flow and conveying properties. Using conventional mixing techniques, the product can be mix ...
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Article published the April 24, 2019
Methionine is a nutritional and functional essential amino acid. Supplementation during the transition phase and at the beginning of lactation improves the health status and performance of high-producing dairy cows. The transition phase is the most critical period in the production cycle of dairy cows and is characterized by a challenged immune system. Factors which have an influence on this are ...
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