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A key mechanism behind improvements of poultry health and productivity.The success of poultry industry is largely due to the genetic selection of broilers. Nowadays, the growth capacity of chickens has been greatly improved, implying the optimal and fast development of the digestive tract to improve feed utilisation. However, enteric disorders have raised major concerns in intensive poultry produc ...
News published on September 4, 2017
Come and visit us at Space 2017, an upcoming limelight event regarding animal production, based in one of Europe’s most important livestock area and hosting a huge number of international visitors. Silvateam stand is C77, located in Hall 9. We are delighted to exhibit among more than 1,000 livestock industry top players and discuss about the growing interest on the addition of plant based p ...
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Dear Marco, very interesting point there. We have got feedback from farms that support your field experience. From the published reports, it seems that such combination is at least not detrimental; and in some cases can give good results (partly due to the additives or synergistic effects on bacterial populations in the gut, with less pathogenic species and more beneficials ones). But the possible ...
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The optimisation of the use of nitrogen (N) in ruminants diet can be highly valuable in terms of profitability and sustainability of any farm. In this study it has been assessed the use of economical source of nitrogen in combination with natural plant extracts, mainly tannins, which can influence protein metabolism in the rumen.Ruminants can make use of certain non-protein nitrogen (or NPN) compo ...
News published on March 30, 2017
On the 14th of March 2017, just before the 2017 edition of VIV Asia International Trade Show, Silvateam had the pleasure to host the Silvafeed® Technical Seminar in Bangkok.The main scope of the event was to provide a scientific oriented overview of tannins in animal nutrition and their role in the most topical antibiotic substitution trend, presenting and discussing about Silvateam possible r ...
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For many years dietary protein binding has been considered the main property of tannins within animal nutrition, but more recent speculations have highlighted many other mechanisms of action for tannins.Antispasmodic effect on gastrointestinal passage, reduction of rumen starch degradation, local immune response modulation and antioxidant effect are some known examples, but perhaps the most import ...
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