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Dear Dr. Wiseman, you are absolutely right in that urease activity does not measure overprocessing of soybean meal. It was never its objective. Caskey and Knapp [Method for determining inadequately heated soybean meal. Ind. Eng. Chem. Anal. Ed. 16: 640-641 (1944)] developed the technique to determine underprocessing of soybean meal fed to ruminants which at the same time were fed urea in the feed. ...
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Hello all,From the point of view of enzyme activities, the standard measure is how many moles of the product (the result of the chemical reaction) is released by a specific amount of the enzyme during a specific time and pH conditions. Although I am a biotechnologist I have worked in the animal industry and know that information does not translate well with industrial enzyme users. However, in the ...
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As Dr. Kotaiah mentioned with the latest breed, housing and feed mill technologies together with the strict biosecurity, the topic should be a closed chapter but in reality, there are countries that still rely on antibiotics like in the Philippines. That's why as a nutritionist I am pro nutrition management without antibiotics as growth promotant. With the latest and numerous studies on gut manage ...
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The discovery of Antibiotics made Livestock production easier, as it masked manage-mental mistakes on farms around the world but it is also a reality that with passage of time the recommended dosage of sub-therapeutic antibiotics increased, as in 1950s 10-20gms/Ton, in 1970s it increased to 40-50gms/Ton and today it is 30-110gms/Ton.
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Steve Roach As noted above, Bacitracin is 100% Unabsorbed. In fact, FDA/CVM had quit asking for data on this point, when potentially new combinations were submitted, as it had been proven too many times before. As the EU (including WHO) has adopted the precautionary principle versus the precautionary approach, their classification is not surprising. In addition, bacitracin in humans is only used t ...
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In addition, the antibiotics used for this purpose are not absorbed and work in the intestinal tract resulting in healthier chickens, thus accounting for the improved performance. They are NOT absorbed into the chicken's body and thus not passed on to the consumer. I may not be totally correct (but I think I am) the growth-promoting antibiotics used in the US poultry industry are not used in human ...
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As of January 2017, the FDA began a stricter regulation of antibiotics commonly used in the animal-feeding industry. Livestock and poultry producers alike have been accused of overfeeding various antibiotics, largely for growth promotion purposes (i.e., for increased feed efficiency and profitability). The ones the medical industry and the consumer have been most concerned with are those deemed m ...
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Nice Job, for ruminants there is also a need for By Pass Methionine with premium prices, coated products are available with high costs, there is much need to seek alternative methodologies in order to rumen bypass amino acids.
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The methionine world has evolved in the last years. That is why Adisseo has updated and enriched Methiopedia, the technical reference book of Methionine. Five years after the first book, a version has been released at the end of 2018 and includes exhaustive and up-to-date product, nutritional and technological information. With Methiopedia, Adisseo wishes to offer to the end-users all the relev ...
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Ahmad Fayez Tayeh Hamdan I make a simple replacement of 82% DLM with HMBTA Liquid, some competitors say that the suppliers are playing with your safety margins in Matrix values, but it is my personal experience that the performance of the product is sustainable.
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