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Nelson Ruiz you covered each and every aspect, clarified the Obscurity about diarrhea and rapid feed passage syndrome. Regards
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The following are comments on your interesting paper on rapid feed passage. Just for practical purposes and to make the discussion easier we always define what is rapid feed passage before we talk about it to be sure we are talking about the same issue: "Rapid feed passage is defined here as the condition in which broiler droppings lose their normal shape and consistency, do not display the charac ...
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Dear Enric Esteve - Garcia and Daulat Rehman Khan! I have not studied the comparative biological efficacy of L and DL-methionine. I conducted research for a different purpose and found that DL-methionine induces cytochrome P-450.This indicates the activation of the xenobiotic metabolism system. I conclude that D-methionine has xenobiotic properties. Based on this, some of it will be metabolized as ...
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Zeshan Zulfiqar yes you are absolutely right.
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mohammad aslam Even 150-200g/T
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I think so, there are other possibilities to decrease pathogenic bacteria in the gut: proper feed enzymes, probiotics, acidifiers. Bacitracin? It is more preferable in comparing of tetracyclin or enro. Maybe, theoretically, bacitracin can cause resistance but chemical formula of bacitracine is totally different and resistance develops very slowly.
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Dr. De Gussem is quite right in referring in his interview to the fact of the large feed intake that occurs with modern broilers and the implications it may have in reference to dysbacteriosis or what he also called bacterial enteritis. A review of the definition and description of dysbacteriosis by Teirlynch et al. (2011. Morphometric evaluation of "dysbacteriosis" in broilers. Avian Pathology ...
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congratulations Author, great job.
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The objectives of the trial described in the article were (i) to compare the effects of OH-Methionine compared to DL-Methionine on growth performance and feather growth of Cherry Valley ducks fed from 0 to 42 days and (ii) to determine the bio-efficacy of OH-Methionine (OH-Met) relative to DL-Methionine (DL-Met). The trial was published by Zhao et al.2018 in Poultry Science: Efficacy of 2-hydroxy ...
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Nice information but i have some concerns about its in vivo availability. In microencapsulation, the major concern is the release of molecule in a short window of time within GIT. How much is released and available to the bird, it should also be noted, although recovery after conditioning is much important but how much available to the bird is also a big question.
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