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While starting liquid application system I was reluctant to use it as it was most challenging for me to replace DLM with liquid HMBTA, there was a continuous bombardment of questions in my mind how will it be possible to meet sustainability, while using liquid applications, especially using most limiting amino acid in it, but after two years of successful application of the subjected system, I'm m ...
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William Goh, Regional Engineering & Products Application Manager at Adisseo Asia Pacific, introduces the brand new Digital tools for Liquid applications in the region, during VIV Asia
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What I am writing is my personal experience and view.This article should have published 30 years ago.Nutrion has moved from crude protein based to energy based.. to total aminoacid based to digestible protein based now based on digestible amino acid based with balanced ME. In EC houses broiler is attaining 2200 GM's in 34/35 days with a FCR of 1.5 to 1.55 .Brazil is one of the most efficient perf ...
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INTRODUCTION There is increasing evidence that cereal grains used for poultry feed are commonly contaminated with mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are toxic compounds produced by fungi, when present in the feed depress nutrient quality of the feed and hence the health and performance of poultry. The tropical and subtropical climate with hot and humid condition prevailing in India coupled with poor har ...
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Abstract Since the ban of using antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) in livestock in several countries, probiotics have been considered as possible alternative. Spore forming bacteria that belong to Bacillus species are one of those probiotics selected for their ability to resist adverse environmental and nutritional conditions such as, low pH in the stomach and high temperature of the feed manufac ...
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Antibiotic was a great discovery, it made Livestock production easier and masked manage mental mistakes on farms around the world, but now antibiotic free meat is a golden opportunity, but question is still there which additives will be able to replace usage of AGPs, in general, Novel growth promoters should perform roughly equally at same cost as well under practical conditions in order to gain a ...
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Introduction Fungi and their toxic products easily grow in different environmental conditions, especially in humid and warm environment. This situation can happen during harvest, transport and storage. In feedstuff for animals, mycotoxins are undesirable but inevitable. It leads to that mycotoxins taken by farm animals in certain concentration and affect their performance with silent symptoms. T ...
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Nelson Ruiz Many thanks for your comprehensive guidance
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For those interested in the differences between soybean meal and full fat soy that Dr. Ruiz mentions, you can see here his explanation:
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Mr. Aslam, the discussion on urease activity and its correlation with trypsin inhibitors applies only to SOYBEAN MEAL. Because full-fat soybeans (FFSB) are generated through different methods such as roasted soybean seeds, it is not possible to establish a general correlation across the different methods. In the case of SOYBEAN MEAL which is generated worldwide mostly by the solvent extraction met ...
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