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Nelson Ruiz Explained well. Thank you
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Luis Fernando Vergamini Luna, yes, in soybean meal, particularly in solvent extracted soybean meal a correlation exists between trypsin inhibitors and urease activity. However, today it is easier to directly determine trypsin inhibitors because there are commercial laboratories available for such an analysis and also because we have a better understanding about the levels of inhibitors indicative ...
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ajoy chandra roy Butyric acid is one of short chain fatty acids, which has higher bactericidal activity when the acid is undissociated. Bacterial cell take up undissociated fatty acids and once these acids dissociate, there is change in the intracellular pH leading to death of bacterial cells..
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IntroductionButyrate plays an important role in gastrointestinal health in broilers. Although very efficacious and possible to substitute for dietary antibiotics, pure butyrate has obvious limitations of smell and handling and is virtually absorbed in the upper digestive tract. Butyrate glycerides have no such limitations and their butyrate can be released by lipase in the small intestine, thus pr ...
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Nelson Ruiz you covered each and every aspect, clarified the Obscurity about diarrhea and rapid feed passage syndrome. Regards
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The following are comments on your interesting paper on rapid feed passage. Just for practical purposes and to make the discussion easier we always define what is rapid feed passage before we talk about it to be sure we are talking about the same issue: "Rapid feed passage is defined here as the condition in which broiler droppings lose their normal shape and consistency, do not display the charac ...
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Dear Enric Esteve - Garcia and Daulat Rehman Khan! I have not studied the comparative biological efficacy of L and DL-methionine. I conducted research for a different purpose and found that DL-methionine induces cytochrome P-450.This indicates the activation of the xenobiotic metabolism system. I conclude that D-methionine has xenobiotic properties. Based on this, some of it will be metabolized as ...
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Zeshan Zulfiqar yes you are absolutely right.
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mohammad aslam Even 150-200g/T
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I think so, there are other possibilities to decrease pathogenic bacteria in the gut: proper feed enzymes, probiotics, acidifiers. Bacitracin? It is more preferable in comparing of tetracyclin or enro. Maybe, theoretically, bacitracin can cause resistance but chemical formula of bacitracine is totally different and resistance develops very slowly.
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