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Crops can be contaminated with mycotoxins already on the field (pre-harvest) or during transport, storage or processing (post-harvest). A survey of mycotoxin contamination in Europe and Asia showed that deoxynivalenol (DON) and zearalenone (ZEN) are 2 of the most important mycotoxins in Europe based on occurrence and toxicity. Both toxins belong to the group of fusariotoxins produced by Fusarium s ...
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Dear Dr. Brian Jordan, Will you please contact to see who can provide me all of the product information? BR Yair
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Dr. Mohammad Akram Dear Dr.Control of IB in breeders and layers depends on two main factors:1. What IB (Variants) are causing the problem?2. What vaccines are available and what vaccination program are you using during the rearing period.The combination of 4-91 (IB-Var1 group= 793B) with any Manchester vaccination strain Ma5 or H-120, may help to reduce the economic damage but it is not always eno ...
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Following the above message - In your case, an autogenous water in oil emulsion inactivated vaccine is the prevention of choice. It made from microorganisms which have been isolated directly from your farm.
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Infectious bronchitis is a viral disease, there is a blurring in the nomenclature of the IB strains in the world (according to the different countries) in poultry that are vaccinated in the right serotypes and their immune system is healthy. There is no need to use antibiotics. Today's approach is to avoid antibiotics resistance. Current trends are to reduce the use of antibiotics and even poultry ...
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Dear Prof. Karel A. Schat, Thank you, off course I agree those infectious agent are immunosuppressive, and vaccination and biosecurity is the best tools to avoid the damage. However we cannot ignore the global warming and prevalence of mycotoxins. Those toxic fungal metabolites found in almost all types of agricultural feedstuffs and grains may cause an invalid immune system to the growing bird ...
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