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Dr Ghulam Ali Jafri  DVM
Manager in Brooke Hospital for Animals SIALKOT. Manager in Hi Tech Feeds,Rawalpindi Office Manager in Shahzoor Feeds Gujranwala Office National Sales & Technical Manager in KyotoBiken Biologica
Participation in Forum on March 2, 2016
?? Dearest Farmers &Professionals' ?? Wishing you Healthy ?? Happy ?? Life +Flocks. I'm Proprietors of the " Five Star Proteins & Meridians Enterprises" Since 4 years ,28th Flock is on Progress, I found no any "Virel& Bacterial" Problem.... Management and Bio security is the"KEY" of Success + Good Feed+Good Breed +Best Management =++FCR Dr Ghulam Ali Jafri DVM,RVMP. MD Technical, drghulam ...
Participation in Forum on February 8, 2016
?? wishing all the Best for the Poultry Related s?? According to my Point of view Poultry Have 5 Pillars 1: Safe & Immune Breed. 2: Balance & Hygienic Feeds. 3: Hygienic Water. 4: Ideal in House Management. 5: Favorable Marketing. ?? I'm in Poultry Since 17 years,Any segment Collapse Hit to the Farmers. ?? Best wishing for The Poultry ?? Dr Ghulam Ali Jafri DVM,RVMP, MD Technical Five ...
Participation in Forum on January 27, 2016
?? Slam un Alaikum ?? Five star proteins Sialkot,Average Live Weight is 2.2kg on 39 Day s ....But input costs are very high.So....poultry update are Shuffling... Dr Ghulam Ali Jafri DVM,RVMP Proprietor / MD Technical Five Star Proteins & Meridian Enterprises
Participation in Forum on January 17, 2016
?? The best Quality of feed depends upon the Best Quality of the Raw Materials and the Formulas.Use of the Antibiotics are 2 step. Best Management Leads to the Best Results and FCR. please slect Best (1)Breed (2)Feed (3)Management Get good FCR. Looking forward for your Best Response. Dr Ghulam Ali Jafri DVM,RVMP. Proprietor & MD Technical.Five Star Proteins & Meridian Enterprises,Sialkot ...
Participation in Forum on January 8, 2016
?? I'm Thinking about it is Easy if you Shifling Litter 3 times in the 24 Hours.Dr Ghulam Ali Jafri ?? DVM,RVMP,MD Technical,/ Proprietor, Five star proteins & Meridian Enterprises.Sialkot Pakistan. Please , Dr Karishma Gupta Contact me Or Please send me your Email, Cell ?? Number,,+923006149922/+923316192412.
Participation in Forum on January 6, 2016
Poultry Management is the Basic Role in Success full Farming.Manage Best Way & Enjoy Ever ??. Dr Ghulam Ali Jafri DVM,RVMP,MD Technical Five Star Proteins & Meridian Enterprises Sialkot Pakistan.
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October 4, 2015
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