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@ Abdelhadi Bqoor (Jordan): Roasting litter does not ensure complete disinfection of the litter. After using Liiteron+ you can reuse and reuse and reuse..... your litter one flock after another. Just remove caking, if any. However, if there is any disease outbreak in your farm we advise you not to reuse the litter. Liiteron+ keeps the litter dry, checks ammonia problem, Destroys E.coli, Salmonella ...
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We agree with the writer that formalin is not a product of choice since it is carcinogenic. It needs to be studied if fumigation with formalin can enter litter and prove efficacious. Usually litter is infected and has high moisture content. It may be infected with E.coli, Salmonella etc. and has a alkaline pH which aids in their development. A product Liiteron+ is found to be highly ...
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