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bahram saeed
Participation in Forum on February 4, 2019
I agree that eye drop (ND) is very effective way for vaccination,But I suspect course spray of CLON 30 by (disvac sprayer) produce too broad spectrums of immunity and protection at the time of NDv challenge . Because eye drop stimulate Harderian gland and CALT (conjunctival associated lymphoid tissues). But course spray stimulate Harderian gland and CALT (conjunctival associated lymphoid tissues), ...
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Dear Dr. Ahmed, thank you for your comments. Trust that most of the vaccine from good producers are good as they have been tested for efficacy and safety. The efficacy evaluates by challenge SFC with high pathogenicity ND strain to allow the vaccine to be used in the market. Also, keep in your mind these vaccines have been working well against ND for a long time, the problem in these days we have ...
Participation in Forum on February 3, 2019
Dear Dr.Ahmed Thank you for your participant in the forum. Please tell me you have any knowledge about muching vaccine against field ND virus is present in ower market in northern Iraq ? Please tell me about better program of vaccination against ND viruses, with out interpretation with program of vaccination against other poultry viruses like IB ,AI and IBD? Best regard
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bahram saeed Thank you for your very valuable information and I totally agree with you, in our area we must be sure that our vaccination program controls these diseases.
Participation in Forum on January 31, 2019
Dear Rabah MerroucheDear Husam BakriI think your opinions are true, but the climate of Iraq at the summer season is very desicate, temperature above 45 centigrade and humidity is below 15 and most time the sky is become dusty. In spite of those problems our region are exposed to a variety of virus challenges at the same time like ND, IB, AI, IBD and also some time Adenoviral in ...
Participation in Forum on January 30, 2019
In the north of Iraq, we vaccinate broiler farm against Newcastle disease by Clon30 at the first day and fourteenth day by course spray. Also vaccinate by oil injection (clon30strain) at the first week of life. At the result loses (mortality) by VVND infection is not more than 25% of total farm if infection occurs after third weeks of life.
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Husam Bakri, Global Technical Expert at Merck, explained his findings on avian influenza in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as economic impact, vaccination, and biosecurity, during IPPE 2017 in Atlanta, USA.
Participation in Forum on October 29, 2015
Some time ascites may be due to sever kidney failure due to ochratoxin infection and liver disfunction by aflatoxin infection
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March 17, 2014
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