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1. Broiler Breeder Management on floor , slates and in cages for optimum potential and profitability. 2. Lead auditor of FSSC ISO22000 and implemented HACCP and ISO standards to Multinational company
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
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It is common observation that chicks are seen well distributed in the shed after arrival and with good start of feeding and drinking but since no adequate fresh air is brought in to the house with speed that cant lift Co2 from chick level and to expel it out. Poultry farmer thinks of saving heating cost and is avoiding even opening air inlets for first 24 hours results poor chick activity and drow ...
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The concept of food safety has become increasingly more evident in food production, mainly in relation to the export of products of animal origin, and it is a huge challenge to for the industries to ensure food safety.The demand for healthier and more natural additives in food has increased in Brazil and the world, resulting in investment in technology and industry adhesion. The technology used in ...
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Dear Tim It looks good idea to reduce bin space and what about grinder design and adding cost to do the job. It would be interesting to know. Thanks
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This is a little off topic but still involves composting. We have currently started a process of grinding our mortality with a mixture of sawdust sandwiched between layers of straw. So far the composting has been excellent with no bones. The final product actually composts further over the time it takes to fill a bin. Final moisture rate is around 30 percent. The most advantageous result is t ...
Article published the December 21, 2020
IntroductionReproductive efficiency of roosters and the hens they mate determines the breeding flock fertility which is as important to the entrepreneur as the egg lay is (Akhlaghi et al., 2014). Fertility is essential to produce the maximum number of quality chicks per hen housed. Without producing fertile eggs, the best incubators and hatchery management procedures cannot produce chicks (Bramwel ...
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Dr. Ashraf Ali Qureshi I think the daily turning and agitating helps to break up the bones in the rotary composter as long as the temperature and moisture levels are correct, more so than in a static bin or alleyway composter. The size of bird being composted may also play a role. However, we are composting 5 kg broilers at times and still do not see bones as long as we have the recipe right. ...
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Hi Tom,Thanks for sharing details of mortality composting by rotary drum. I have performed the process in static form using same recipe as you mentioned in your article. Temp raised to 140 F max and it took around 50 days. I have faced problem in ready compost that it contained bones which were not composted at all. Do you have any solution or what you think of happened with bones which were still ...
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In general, composting poultry can be described as an all-natural, environmentally friendly method of mortality management, which minimizes water and air pollution by retaining nutrients, pathogens, and odors. Given the right conditions, microorganisms break down organic material (poultry mortalities, in this case) and carbon into a useful and valuable finished product. Composting also c ...
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Absolutely right. Basic principles are forgotten and not observed, will bring in contaminants to poultry house. Filtration will not do much to reduce just particles to get in to birds environment.
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Stocking density plays a major role keeping birds on deep litter to keep them comfortable & to develop 5-8 behavioral changes (comparing normal vs compromised space) whether it is broiler or broiler breeders in the house.
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