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This is very correct. A lot of downgraded broiler products are due to poor management of the litter.
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One of the key success factors in poultry farming is strick biosecurity. Some farms, out of ignorance or carefree attitude, pay little attention to biosecurity, especially in developing countries.
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There is need to ensure the hatchable eggs are pathogen free too because some causative agent of respiratory diseases are transovarially transmitted.
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Absolutely correct no need of using any hormones for today's breeds, thanks to the genetic and nutrition technology we could reach the tremendous potential of the chicken where we are seeing 2kg plus body weight in 34 days in broilers and 340 eggs in commercial layers. It's, in fact, our responsibility to educate, create awareness how could we achieve this. It's not a consumers mistake f ...
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As rightly pointed out, hormone usage is banned in most countries. The improved performance in growth and quality is basically due to gene selection and improved management system.
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This is very interesting
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Very educative. Thanks, Dr.
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There are special cages for rearing broilers. This equipment is accompanied by special brooding feeders and drinkers. The advice for farmers going into the vage system is to ensure strict hygiene and biosecurity.
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This is fantastic. Reduction in the use of antibiotic will do our food chain a lot of benefit.
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Commercial broilers are not usually vaccinated against Mareks except you are talking about parent stock Broilers. It is a standard practice that pullets must be vaccinated right from hatcheries in Nigeria. However if you confirm otherwise. You can source for the vaccine from reputable vaccine supplier and administer under the supervision of your veterinary surgeon. Ensure the specific storage cond ...
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