Loganathan Ramasamy
M.V.Sc (Poultry Science)
Studied master in poultry science, done many work in lab analysis like proximate analysis, mineral analysis(in AAS) etc.,.., ration formulation for poultry.
M.V.Sc (Poultry Science)
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hello Mr. Steven. We can not simple say high energy diet will cause prolapse, but how it contribute to egg size. otherwise you have to see other things... 1) Please check the body weight. If low body weight birds are there you have to separate them from normal body weight birds. 2) Check the internal organ development and body frame from dead birds. 3) If you are facing this problem continuously ...
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Hello. Please check any pesticide toxicity in feed and organs which causes fragile liver and distended gall bladder. I think that the acid produced in proventriculus not neutralized and causing gizzard erosion and congestion.
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Does H2O2 have any negative effect as water sanitizer?
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January 16, 2014
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