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Introduction Milk yield of a dairy cow depends on four main factors: (a) genetic ability; (b) feeding program; (c) herd management; and (d) health. As cows continue to improve genetically, we must also improve nutrition and management to allow the cow to produce to her inherited potential. A good dairy feeding program must consider the quantity fed, the suitability of the feed and how and when the ...
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Dear Dr,Being lameness noted in both broiler and layer chicks, the following factors may be causing it:1 Disease AE breeder vaccination ,Chicken anemia, Reo 2 Nutritional Calcium Phos source like DCP or MCP or feed contamination bacterial, Mycotoxin etc. Thirum pioson level in Maize etc3 Hatchery incubation like humidity and Temperature variations , hatchery contamination Stap etc.4.Hot and humid ...
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