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1. Introduction  Stress, a response to adverse stimuli, is difficult to define and understand because of its nebulous perception. According to Selye [1], “stress is the nonspecific response of the body to any demand”, whereas stressor can be defined as “an agent that produces stress at any time”. Therefore, stress represents the reaction of the animal organism (i.e., ...
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Excellent explanation by Dr. Penz on the changing poultry/animal production industry, and the critical need for adopting a holistic approach, including professionals from different areas working together within production systems (ie., nutritionists, vets, etc.). I completely agree that nutrition has a crucial role in the future of animal production, and particularly in the area of gastrointestina ...
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Dear Colleagues, First of all, thanks for the great discussion, and for sharing your perspectives. I reinforce the comments from our colleague, Rafael Duran. In general, there is more than just "switching overnight" from using antimicrobials to their removal from production systems. It is a process, and it needs to be progressively developed, detecting challenges and adapting accordingly. However ...
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Dear Tahir Mahmood, I think you are spot on about the importance and opportunity of using dietary modulation of the microbiome. I do believe that a lot of the inconsistent results observed with the use of most alternative interventions (ie., pro, pre, symbiotics, EOs, org. acids, etc.) is not due to the product itself, but in fact to the lack of attention to the formulation/composition of the die ...
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Dear Tahir Mahmood, You pose a very interesting question on controlling quorum sensing. I confess I do not have the answer to this question, but do have my own perspective on it. I'm not sure antimicrobials successfully control quorum sensing, as our knowledge about this mechanism of communication between bacterial populations is still in very early stages. I do agree it exists and that it is fund ...
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Thanks for your comment, Dr. Ismet Mamode. I agree with it. Something that needs to be kept in mind is that antimicrobials are very important tools for veterinarians to manage animal health and welfare. Therefore, we must use them in a responsible and prudent way, and not just think on how to replace them. I do think all the products that are increasingly becoming available in the market (probioti ...
Video published on September 5, 2016
Dr. Marcos Rostagno, Global Senior Technical Consultant at Elanco Animal Health, spoke to us at Avicolas con Porcinos 2016 in Buenos Aires about the recent global tendencies on reduction of antimicrobials in poultry and how can producers make adjustments to comply with changes in regulations.
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