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VP, Nutrition & Extrusion Technologies
Participation in Forum on March 25, 2021
Good information. As always, the effects of preconditioning cannot really be divorced entirely from extrusion, which finishes the cooking process. And, ultimately, how all of this affects the end material is what matters.
Participation in Forum on January 26, 2021
Interesting. How does this work with higher-fat diets (more beta-oxidation vs. glucose-ATP)?
Participation in Forum on June 19, 2020
Niyi Balogun Yes, thank you for pointing out the many benefits of full-fat soy. Keep in mind that many types of full-fat soy exist, and the usefulness of each variety in a particular formulation depends mainly on the process chosen, such as high-shear dry extrusion vs. others than are not able to achieve temperature, pressure, shearing stress levels, and other factors that allow optimal usage of ...
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Dry extruded whole soybeans known as Full fat soya has good amino acids profile. it can be used at 25-35% inclusion rate in commercial broilers. Birds utilize the full fat soya and express it in the overall performance because of the digestibility. Cost of feed will be reduced due to the high energy content of full fat soya and presence of the oil will reduce the dustiness of the feed in mash form ...
Participation in Forum on June 8, 2020
Royce Samford Absolutely! Focusing on a single nutrient is never the right approach for formulations. You must consider RDP, energy, forages - all of the ingredients and nutrients.
Participation in Forum on April 18, 2020
sasil Unfortunately, you need a high-shear dry extruder with high pressure, shearing forces, and ultimately greater extrusion temperatures (but all for a short time) than what you indicate. We can help you with this. Please email me. dalbin@insta-pro.com
Participation in Forum on April 15, 2020
sasil Absolutely! As long as you have the right equipment and run it properly. Please send me further questions directly.
Participation in Forum on February 18, 2020
Is there any data comparing these processing parameters in pellet mills and animal responses?
Participation in Forum on November 18, 2019
As mentioned, the amino acid digestibility variation is not measured here. It is highly variable and must be controlled.
Participation in Forum on September 22, 2019
Royce Samford Yes, amino acids in protein are important, but often protein and energy are misaligned due to the reasons you mention.
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