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VP, Nutrition & Extrusion Technologies
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Royce Samford It does indeed, which is why it's important to have a controlled process that can provide high-quality ingredients time after time.
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This a great topic and of interest to many, judging by the all of the comments. It seems to me that two fundamental questions must be answered first: 1. How much of each particular fat/oil by-passes the rumen? 2. Of the by-passed fats, what % is digested and absorbed in the small intestine? Until these questions are answered, the rest (which is very useful and interesting) becomes a guess. ...
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This is an under-explored area of animal nutrition - what the various fibers can do at different stages of production. Thank you for this data. There is certainly room for high-quality, lower inclusion rate ingredients that can be fermented, etc. Certainly processing plays several roles here, many of which are currently unknown.
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And switch to a quality source of by-pass protein that serves other functions, and use highly-gelatinized starch to stimulate rumen microbial protein. One or two quality ingredients can take the place of many others.
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Dr. Md. Robiul Islam (dvm) , peanut meal is very low in lysine compared to soy meals. Growth performance will be hindered if not balanced for lysine, and potentially other amino acids as well. So, value accordingly... And, as Amanda points out, you have to continually test new batches of peanuts and meal for aflatoxin - it's not a constant level.
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Very interesting. However, the main strategy at the current time must continue to be effective management of Johne's - positive herds. Likely, this will involve the use of certain higher-quality ingredients, or perhaps specialty products, to boost feed efficiency - dreadfully low in many of these infected herds.
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Textured soy can be challenging, especially as raw materials change due to natural variation and market conditions. It will pay in the long run to have equipment flexible enough to handle soy flours with different residual oil contents; PDI's (solubility); and fiber contents, to name a few - as well as R&D facilities for future developments.
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Table 1 seems to me to have some incorrect assumptions. It's documented that additional oil (total kcal's being equal) predictably reduces feed intake, while daily gain remains stable, across a certain range. Therefore, efficiency must increase. So, even though diet costs may increase in this situation (going from 0 oil to > 0 oil), the total amount of feed consumed through the growth period ...
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Hi Fernando,Another interesting post as usual.The canola seed I have experience with has very low variation in CP content, so it's interesting that lysine in canola meal varies so much in your data. Also interesting that the other amino acids do not vary much, indicating the importance of a controlled process to minimize lysine damage.Thank you,Dave Albin
Article published the August 17, 2017
For several decades, Insta-Pro International has been well known around the world for dry extrusion, which we invented in the 1960’s.Dry extrusion was invented to process soybeans, and over the years, this process has been well researched. The advantages of this technique are the following: Thorough plant cell wall rupture, providing much improved access to nutrients Deactivation&nb ...
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