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M. Sc (Hons) Animal Husbandry/Animal Nutrition at KhyberPakhtunkhwa Agriculture University Peshawar. Currently Deputy Director Achai Cattle Conservation & Development Program Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan. Registered Member of Pakistan Veterinary Medical council (PVMC)....
Mr. Hassan Khan
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Luiz Ferraretto (University of Florida) explained the importance of fiber and starch digestibility among other topics, during AMENA 2019 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
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Thank you very much Sir
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  Introduction The practical and scientific knowledge obtained on the use of the Lactoperoxidase system (LPs) confirms its innocuity to human health (1), which allowed the lifting of the restriction that the system could not be used for milk products intended for international dairy market, in the Thirty-Second Session of the Commission Codex Alimentarius (2). The simple name of LPs generat ...
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Summer heat stress negatively affects the dairy sector in Italy by harming animal welfare, increase environment pollution and reduce farms profitability. The decrease in farm profitability is caused by the decrease in cows annual milk production (feed and other expenses per liter of milk are increased when daily production is lower), reduction in milk quality (lower fat and protein content and in ...
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Introduction Despite many advances in our knowledge of calf management, the dairy industry continues to be challenged with finding ways to raise replacement dairy heifer calves in such a manner that not only optimizes health, growth, and efficiency, but also is best for their welfare. This paper will identify some of those welfare challenges and how we can use knowledge of replacement dairy calf ...
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Take Home Messages Dairy or feed efficiency reflects the level of fat-corrected milk yield produced per unit of dry matter consumed with an optimal range of 1.4 to 1.8 pounds of milk per pound of dry matter. Days in milk, age, growth, changes in body condition score, body weight, forage quality, feed additives, and environmental factors will impact feed efficiency values. Dairy managers shoul ...
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The discovery of Antibiotics made Livestock production easier, as it masked manage-mental mistakes on farms around the world but it is also a reality that with passage of time the recommended dosage of sub-therapeutic antibiotics increased, as in 1950s 10-20gms/Ton, in 1970s it increased to 40-50gms/Ton and today it is 30-110gms/Ton.
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Your personal views are respected but I have come across with certain studies that both resistance and passing over to human is true.
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yes it is part of international efforts
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Good efforts, it's nice and comprehensive article on 3rd dairy buffalo of Pakistan specially for KP province. This breed should be highlighted in international forum.
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