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Doctor of veterinary Medicine
I had been working as an Senior Regional Technical Manager on behalf of Kemin from 2011 to till date .Before that I had been serve as a role of Brand Manager of Animal Health Division of Navana Pharma
Doctor of veterinary Medicine
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Pasty vent not only related to excess fat in diet It’s also related to bacterial infection like salmonellosis at the early stages, excess dehydration. 
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My opinion: each species of Eimeria require at least 4-5 days to complete its life cycle, so minimum 30-35 days require to develop immunity level. So after coccidiosis vaccine the indication is the few ceacal droppings with blood may come but no harm but immediately 15 days later of vaccination if any amprolium like coccidiostat apply will break life cycle & their is no use of cocci vacci ...
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Though young bird their villi is not fully developed so short chain fatty acid like butyrate can play a significant roles for better growth of the villi better regeneration of intestinal epithelial cells as well and better absorption of nutrients & performances.
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Very good initiative
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Dear Sayed Anjum Naqi I had an same experience in layer hi line breed & with my suggestion farmer also get good result. You can give all the weak bird gentamicin 10mg/kg bw one dose in morning ,0ne in evening & rest in the next day morning single dose. Try also with supportive treatment with liver tonic . Suggest the farmer to use captor 300gm/mt of feed & good acidifier with sanitizer on water he ...
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Dear Dr Bouayad As per my opinion to control salmonella on Breeder or layer till yet no vaccine is succsessfully able to control salmonella because the source of salmonella not only vertically transmitted but other sources remain likebpersonnel,rodents,litter .my opinion to control salmonella with feed hygiene program if is mash or pellet with Formic + formaldehyde based product which helps to red ...
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