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Animal Nutritionist
Participation in Forum on July 24, 2012
Very good and interesting article and would focuse on the effect of DDGS on meat and eggs fatty acids profiles
Participation in Forum on September 15, 2011
Improving low nutritive feedstuffs for poultry diets in very important topic we have done a lot of work in this topic and we found very encouraging with enzymes and yeast culture and probiotic, thus efforts done in this area are needed espically in developing countries where feedstuffs are limited and elimination of negative impact of unutilized low value ingredients is urgent.
Participation in Forum on August 30, 2011
Good article and interesting the example of Campylobacter. The use of antibiotic in animal nutrition needs careful consideration due to many associated benefits and health hazards, thus one has to be aware of the factors related to the use of therapeutic use of antibiotic to decide the right type and dose, and nutrition needs careful consideration due to many assocated benefits and hea ...
Participation in Forum on January 3, 2009
Probiotics and/or prebiotics may be a useful tools for improve gut health, although constant results are lacking. Many factors can affect the response to probiotics and prebiotics most important in the hygienic condition in the farm, time of application, dosage, type of birds and goal. I think we should look to the synergism between the prebiotics and the probiotics at this time. Perhaps a synergi ...
Participation in Forum on November 10, 2008
Sure, Vitamins and minerals are very important to poultry metabolism and good contribution is required to enhance knowledge in this area. However, this is basic information regarding vitamins and minerals for backyard birds, at commercial scale more information is needed such as the requirements under different production system, environmental condition and type of production.
Participation in Forum on October 17, 2008
Very good article of economic consideration Nike.
Participation in Forum on August 1, 2008
Of course understanding the causes of the ascites syndrome and the role of acidifiers will help to control the case and decease loss and improve growth performance and decreases in mortality rates, carcass condemnations, as well as benefits in alleviating ascites. This article is beneficial in this regard and gave a new tool to control this case.
Participation in Forum on July 28, 2008
Good advice, Dr. Keith Bramwell, for weighing the BB hens. However, 4 h at least should be adequate to clean the gut of the digesta and avoid differences between in feed intake. It seems that your are very active in this area, my friend. Dr. Youssef Attia
Participation in Forum on July 26, 2008
Excellent article, gave focus on nutrition management of broiler breeder females to fed on target based on nutrient requirements for egg production, reproductive and body weight target. This confirmed the early work by Attia et al. (1993). Poultry Sci. 72:42-50, Attia et al. (1995). Poultry Sci. 74:247-260, Attia, (1995). Poultry Sci.74:261-270, with male and female broiler breeders and the needs ...
Participation in Forum on July 25, 2008
Excellent paper about egg quality. We need such short cut brief papers that are helpful regarding to parent stocks and layers industry.
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