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Ewa Sujka
Ewa Sujka
Madrid, Madrid, Spain

HYGEN PRO - Phytobiotic additives to improve egg production


HYGEN PRO® is a line of Phytobiotic additives designed for all animal species, developed by the company LIPTOSA with the collaboration of universities and research institutes. The composition consists on properly-balanced combination of plant extracts, essential oils, short chain fatty acids and organic acids that potentiate the synergies among them. Its main active components are protected by a special technological system that ensures their gradual release along the entire intestinal tract, reaching even the most distal parts of the large intestine.

  • Bioactive components of plant origin, interact stimulating the secretion of digestive fluids and enzymes, improving feed digestibility.
  • Essential oils improve nutrient assimilation through improved intestinal epithelium integrity.
  • Phytogenic products stimulate intestinal mucus production, which further contribute to relief from pathogen pressure through inhibition of adherence to the mucosa.
  • Essential oils show immune enhancing properties and exhibit an important antibacterial activity by altering the bacterial membrane permeability.
  • The addition of organic acids to diets results in a reduction of the pH in the feed and gastrointestinal tract, creating unfavourable conditions for pathogenic microorganisms and an optimum pH to beneficial microflora.
  • The decrease in the gastric pH improves the efficacy of enzymes resulting in an increased feed digestibility, very important especially in young animals.


The combination of organic acids with essential oils shows a remarkable antibacterial activity. Essential oils alter the bacterial membrane permeability, allowing both the dissociated and undissociated forms of the acids molecules to enter the bacterial cell. In this model of action it is possible to control not only the Gram negative species (i.e. Salmonella spp., E. coli spp. and Campylobacter spp.) but also Gram positive ones (i.e. Clostridium spp.). This synergistic action of HYGEN PRO ® ractive ingredients promotes a beneficial gut microflora that protects the host against pathogens and favours eubiosis allowing obtaining optimal conditions for animal growth and performance in all types of production systems.

Improvement of:

  • Final live weight
  • Average daily gain (dwg)
  • Egg production and egg quality
  • Feed conversion rate (fcr)
  • Survival rate
  • Health status