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March 9, 2020 to March 11, 2020
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Antonio Martinez Sánchez
Antonio Martinez Sánchez
Leganés, Madrid, España

Fintox Mold Plus enzymatic anti-mycotoxin additive for animals

Fintox Mold Plus

Enzymatic Anti-Mycotoxin Additive with a detoxifying effect and growth enhancer.

Active ingredients:

• Selected clays and cell walls with high mycotoxin-adsorption capabilities.

• Enzymes with mycotoxin bio-transformation properties.

• Organic acids with anti-fungi effect.


• Stable and selective mycotoxin adsorption.

• The organic acids prevent the proliferation of fungi and the production of mycotoxins during storage.

• The cell walls in the yeast work in synergy with the clays and enzymes to enhance mycotoxin adsorption capabilities.

• Growth enhancement: higher conversion index and feed intake.

• High efficacy - Low inclusion level.

Fintox Mold Plus