Milk Composition of Lactating Cows

Forum: Factors Affecting Milk Composition of Lactating Cows

Published on: 11/13/2012
Author/s : Dr. Michael Looper, Professor and Department Head- Animal Science (University of Arkansas)
Introduction Many factors influence the composition of milk, the major components of which are water, fat, protein, lactose and minerals.Nutrition or dietary influences readily alter fat concentration and milk protein concentration. Fat concentration is the most sensitive to dietary changes and can vary over a range of nearly 3.0 percentage units. Dietary manipulation results in milk protein conce...
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November 13, 2012

Type of feed additives can affect milk composition as methionine zinc, probiotics and calciumsoap of fatty acids.

Roberto Fenzo Roberto Fenzo
Investigation and development
November 19, 2012

And what about ratio in between by pass protein and by-pass, or by-pass energy and rumen degradable energy in supplementation?

November 21, 2012

Also protected fat affec milk composition so if biotin has no effect?

Syeedmojtaba Syeedmojtaba
Animal Nutritionist
February 19, 2013

Surely, inhibitors such as tannins in some animal feeds, including pistachio by-product can affect milk composition in dairy cows especially milk protein and fat .

Zahidrafiq Zahidrafiq
Animal Health Technologist
February 19, 2013

I think Mycotoxin, Mycotoxicosis also contribute to change in milk composition, Specially on Fat%.

Ghazanfar Ali Chishti Ghazanfar Ali Chishti
Veterinary Doctor
February 19, 2013

Forage: concentrate ratio is also an important factor.
If more forage more propionic acid and hence increased fat.
Also lactic acidosis do affect fat percentage

February 19, 2013

Also the length of the fiber affects (if long fiber increased fat percentage)

R.n.som R.n.som
B.Sc , MBA, PGD(,PGD(Hospital Management),Certificate on 8-steps leadership coaching,training on Hospital accreditation ISO & NABH
February 21, 2013

Good article about factors affecting milk composition of lactating cows. I want to know Wine and beer byproducts like Rice bran. Can malt in regular diet influence in increasing fat percentage in yielding milk? If yes, how and what should be the quantity to be given the two by products ( pl mention in kilogram ) to cattle having av. wt 250 kg?

Ramanathanganesan Ramanathanganesan
March 3, 2013

How can we increase the milk fat content in a milking cow? One of my cross bread jercy cow's fat content is 1.7% to 2.2% only ( lactometer reading 30) in the morning. Please respond.

Pierre Pierre
Animal Nutritionist
March 4, 2013

In answer to Ramanathanganesan query concerning low fat in milking cows. Dr. Looper's article adresses many of the factors and some were highlighted by other contributors. The first thing that springs to mind with low fat tests is the diet, a diet with a low ratio of roughage to concentrate or a ration that is too fine may result in a low fat test and should be one of the first areas to investigate, a couple of points to check ration and ration presented to cows - check NDF % in total ration, are cows sorting on the feed table, proper use of a mixer wagon - do not over mix or chop too fine. That said, there are also other factors to consider, Incomplete milking will depress fat test by leaving a considerable amount of fat rich milk in the udder (investigate milking vacuum and take-off of clusters).

Baskarasethupathy Kamban Baskarasethupathy Kamban
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
June 7, 2013
this clearly shows that you are feeding more of grains than fodders.
to increase the fat% of the milk increase the dry fodder and reduce the grains in the feed. when you are feeding more of fibre content in the feed it will lead to increase of mastication which will lead to increase of fat% in your milk.
Raul Vera Raul Vera
Animal Nutritionist
July 15, 2013
Numerous sources of fat in the diet can affect milk fat content and fatty acid composition.
DR-Al Mamun DR-Al Mamun
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine(DVM),MS in Microbiology
November 13, 2015
How we can increase milk fat% in a fatty lactating cow?
November 19, 2016
Age of cow can affect in the quantity of milk and rate of fats
Dr.deoyani nagrale Dr.deoyani nagrale
Master of livestock product technology
October 28, 2017

Feeding practices will increase fat percentage in the cow.

August 9, 2020
under what conditions the lactation period ?gestation period ? and service period become prolonged ?
January 14, 2022
well summarised notes
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