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I am intreseated in this product can i have more details about it and where is it available . Thanks
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to increase fat u can increase fiber (specialy long fiber ) percentage
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Guar koma is diferent from guar meal because guar meal CP is 40% but guar koma I think 52% also anlysis should be including aflatoxine.
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Also the length of the fiber affects (if long fiber increased fat percentage)
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I would like to ask about aflatoxin in beet pulp silage. What is the maximum limit? If I found a high level, is mycosorb safe? Thanks a lot
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According to my experiance over 30 years I prefer to buy only heifers and breed them then keep until parturition and start with the milk production because in this case he can prepare rearing heifers good through balance feed that let him have a suitable BCS for bred and selected good bulls for them and they can adapted and also he can arrange the calving date as he need due to farm. And at least ...
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Dear STEVEN, Interesting article about Trace Minerals. Q + (Quality Plus) there is some minerals organic and celeated is this beter than it is all organic please tell me
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I agree with you MAGADI that the product reduced DMI specially high yieliding cows if it increased more than 3.5%
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Hi ASHISH Is guar more low price than soya? How much is the price?
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Also protected fat affec milk composition so if biotin has no effect?
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