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Participation in Forum on April 16, 2013
Yes , I agree with two times vaccine/year. If any case reported separate animal broncho dilator, antihistamine, Ceftiofur Na, Sulpher group also steroid therapy for 3- 5 days. Also inject VitE selenium+ Vit AD . In severe case Tracheotomy is best.
Participation in Forum on February 19, 2013
I think Mycotoxin, Mycotoxicosis also contribute to change in milk composition, Specially on Fat%.
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Good article about Livestock in Pakistan. No doubt Dairy business is more economical for rural and urban areas. For dairy if we follow some instruction we grow well: Our Rural people think more No rather than few but good herd status. Specially in Rural areas people is reluctant to spend money on good feed .  People do focus on Balanced ration and breed improvement for animal efficiency. In ...
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Dr. Zahid Rafique Good and informative Article for dairy profit, If we followed golden rules of this articles we minimize our expenses, culling, mortality %.
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Dr. Zahid Rafique Good Article about Diarrhoea in Dairy animals.I m working in dairy sector. No doubt Diarrhoea is multifactorial disease, we minimize only by Good immunity development via different vaccines, Balanced Diet, Good Hygiene, Prophylactive measures to handle any stress factor, Early diagnosis and followed by good treatment.
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February 7, 2013
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