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Published on: 12/10/2012
Author/s : Dr. Allen Davis (Auburn University)
World food supplies must not only meet the needs of an expanding population but it must also provide for increased consumption as the standard of living of the existing population improves. This means the demand for resources is rising exponentially and is one of the biggest challenges facing agriculture since the "green revolution". Projections from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of ...
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Ramdhani Soegandar Ramdhani Soegandar
Industrial Engineer
December 10, 2012

Interesting article about Advances in Fish and Shrimp Nutrition. But i can read only 3 paragraph from above article. Is it finish?

gnanamani gnanamani
Business Development Manager
December 11, 2012

Could you please share the entire information about Shrimp Nutrition? Presently I can also read only 3 paragraph.

Analía Göttig Analía Göttig
Community Manager
December 14, 2012

Dear members,

We have only shared the summary of Dr. Davis´ presentation at CLANA 2012 for the sole purpose of promoting technical discussions among our users.

We will be looking forward to your opinions and experiences!

December 14, 2012

That whole scenario above is totally dependent on a world popupation growing more than linearly, almost exponentially, and is a statement of belief in a green catastrophist religion . If that is his belief, then so be it, only the passage of time will prove him right or wrong. BUT there is an alternative viewpoint, best expressed in the book "The Rational Optimist", by Matt Ridley. which discusses demographic trends, and resource matters / management, as indicators towards the future of our species on this planet, and the relative wellbeing of those members of our species in the future. The discussion there points to a levelling out of population growth, and then some reduction in the total world population. The book is readily available, or cheaply available for online download. Without doubt, the supply and cost of fishmeal is a problem for aquaculture in the first world, and a problem for subsistence of poor people in the third world. Unquestionably, we in the first world need to find our own replacement for the specifically targeted fisheries for fishmeal, and to better utilise bycatch and fish wastes. In short, we need to grow our own, The alienation of land to produce biofuels, not food for the world's population, whole fisheries to produce fishmeal, not fish protein for the poorest, is a conceit of the most affluent, most educated, and most misinformed and misdirected, in our first world community. That is a scientific quest, not an incantation of the Green catastrophist religion. It needs to be addressed. If the demographic trends in the book mentioned are correct, then increases in efficiency which flow from proper targeting of scientific effort and utilisation of ideas from people working day to day in the industry, will with work produce a better outcome than suggested in this paper.

March 27, 2021
Recently advances in fish nutrition
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