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That whole scenario above is totally dependent on a world popupation growing more than linearly, almost exponentially, and is a statement of belief in a green catastrophist religion . If that is his belief, then so be it, only the passage of time will prove him right or wrong. BUT there is an alternative viewpoint, best expressed in the book "The Rational Optimist", by Matt Ridley. which discusses ...
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Questions please :- 1. While I can see that there is a vitamin and mineral premix added, what are the sources of omega 3 (and 6) fatty acids, and would you add them to the premix in the form of purified Omega 3 (6), or soak the freshly hatched artemia in a suitable mix, or would you just add suitable algae rich in omega 3 fatty acids into your mix?? 2. Does the hardening case / shell (chitin?/Kera ...
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Thank you for an article well done about Water Hyacinth on Nile Tilapia. I found it very interesting. The internet format lends itself to the publication of the photomicrographs, which helps, because dragging through dry histology reports comparing the effects of the different diets, is a form of torture which I would not have been willing to participate in. Seeing is believing. The investigation ...
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Tailor Made Fish Farm has an extensive (for us) hyonics structure, mostly producing various lettuce varieties, but also some herbs.We grow fish in recirculating 10,000 litre tanks in banks of 3 tanks, (i.e. one module). Ten percent (10[percent]) or sometimes more of this water is replaced daily. This water replacement is one of the ways in which we underwrite the health of our fish. The overflow w ...
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Good, informative summary of current position. Useful information conveyed. Look forward to further discussions over time on subject of feed substitution possibilities re fish meal. (personal interest is recirculating production of barramundi)
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