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Discussion created on March 3, 2023
Dear members, I would like to invite you all to share your experiences and thoughts on this topic: Freshwater prawn (Machrobrachium rosenbergii) has been studied and cultured for several decades. This species is particularly suited for warm freshwater locations. Recent interest in culture techniques that utilize low inputs and agriculture byproducts to produce freshwater prawns has been expresse ...
Discussion created on July 28, 2021
Please would you help me with a problem of vomiting in pregnant sows? They vomit after eating. Also two males vomited blood. Any idea? Napoleon Sotomayor Pichincha, Ecuador Asistencia Técnica Agropecuaria/S&S (This question was taken from the Spanish community and translated into English)
Discussion created on April 28, 2021
Dear members, I would like to know your opinion about the use of recombinant vaccines to prevent ILT, Newcastle disease and Marek´s Disease in chickens. What are the advantages and disadvantages in comparison with Conventional Poultry Vaccines? Look forward to hearing your experiences!
Discussion created on December 31, 2018
Dear members, There´s a growing interest in tunnel ventilation systems in order to reduce heat stress and increase animal comfort in hot weather. Despite its many benefits, operating costs can be high. How can we minimize the use of energy? Look forward to your ideas and experiences!
Participation in Forum on June 22, 2015
Read this paper Comparative evaluation of three egg production systems: Housing characteristics and management practices to find more info about this topic. Enjoy!
Participation in Forum on May 26, 2015
Dear members, You can have access to the full article (originally published at the Journal of Animal science) HERE. Hope you enjoy the reading!Best regards,
Participation in Forum on May 19, 2015
Dear Carlos Vilchez, Thanks for letting us know about this technical problem! We will try to fix it as soon as possible! Sorry for any inconvenience
Participation in Forum on May 15, 2015
Dear members, Please have a look at this great discussion forum related to this topic Gizzard Erosions?! Help Hope you find some useful ideas!All the best
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Participation in Forum on April 22, 2015
Hi everyone, You can find more information about this product on this article Efficacy of Herbal Fly Repellent Product (Keetguard Liquid) to Control Musca Domestica Population in Poultry Egg Layer FarmHope you find this useful!
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