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Showing extremely fragile liver

Showing extremely fragile liver - Poultry cases
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Manoj Kr Mahato
Asian Feeds
Date: June 10, 2015

This is a case in a flock of 6000 layers, 36 weeks in a deep litter system in eastern Nepal. 1.5 months ago the flock was suspected and tested for salmonellosis which came out to be positive..the flock was treated with gentamicin and bcomplex injection for 3 consecutive days.the mortality was reduced for a few days bt then it has increased again to 15-16 per day. The post mortem lesions show extremely fragile liver and blackish necrotic mucosa at the duodenal part..coppersulphate and vinegar was given but m

Discussion created on 06/10/2015

Dear colleagues,

This is a case of a 6000 layers flock, 36 weeks of age. 1.5 months ago the flock was suspected and tested for salmonellosis which came out to be positive. The flock was treated with gentamicin and bcomplex injection for 3 consecutive days. The mortality was reduced for a few days but then it increased again. The post mortem lesions show extremely fragile liver and blackish necrotic mucosa at the duodenal part. Copper sulphate and vinegar was given in drinking water but mortality was not controlled, 15-20 per day.

Please suggest me the best measure for controlling mortality.

Manoj Kr Mahato
Asian Feeds
Asian Feeds
Abdelaziz Abdelfatah Abdelmotii Ebrahim Abdelaziz Abdelfatah Abdelmotii Ebrahim
dr of veterinary medecine
September 1, 2015
i think this problem related to fatty liver syndrome and i think using of gentamycine as injection is not preferable in this situation
please see carfully your feed
using of livertonic and biotine derivatieves in solving of this problem
thank you
dr abdelaziz
Jaster John Flores Iligan Jaster John Flores Iligan
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture,Major in Animal Science-Animal Nutrition
September 7, 2015
How about if we have a case in fatty lever what is the possible nutritional cause in that certain problem.
Dr.Mobinur Islam Dr.Mobinur Islam
M.V.Sc (Poultry Science)
October 5, 2015
in that case Toxol can be used
Dr. Mohammad Akram Dr. Mohammad Akram
Consultant Microbiologist
January 27, 2017

Most probably, it is a case of Fatty Liver Syndrome.

Possible causes could be:
Deficiency of Lipotropic factors (choline, methionin & Vit. B-12).
Excessive feed intake due to low protein and high energy.
Presence of high levels of Mycotoxins & Molds in feed.

Possible control measures:-
Addition of these items(additional) / ton of feed: CuSo4 = 60 gm, Choline chloride =500 gm, DL-Methionine= 500 gm, Vit B-12= 3 ug & Vit E= 5000 i.u. till recovery of problem.

For immediate relief, a good liver tonic via D/Water 3-5 days, prior to add the above items shall be beneficial.

Increase 1-2 % protein in feed.

Dr. Mohammad, Consultant Microbiologist, Micro Lab Karachi, Pakistan

Sataluri Satagopa Raja Ayyangar Sataluri Satagopa Raja Ayyangar
B .Sc ( Mathematics , Physics and Chemistry ) ; P G Diploma in Environmental Studies ; P G Diploma in Industrial Pollution Management ; Industrial Chemistry ( B I E T )
January 27, 2017
Every body is trying to control the diseases with synthetic drugs and with antibiotics which cause the problem to the end user. and costly affair .Why you are all not trying with Herbal like Kirathiktha ,Tippa tega and Bhumyamlaki ,Aromatic oils like Clove oil,Eucalyptus oil, Natural C vitamin like Indian Gooseberry, Bakuchi seeds which develope immune system , effective in liver functioning and control bacteria .Ultimately no drug residue and Echofree. Lot of research to be done on Natural products for controlling the diseases by which world will become free from Cancer causing chemicals.
Kamaran Abbas Kamaran Abbas
January 29, 2017
I agree with you strongly , and I suggest to supply animal feeds with the natural form of those you mentioned herbs or others maybe found
Tawfik Tawfik
January 29, 2017

But how we can get it in Jordan?

January 30, 2017
I agree with Dr. Ahmed Din Anjum. Whenever, I have such a case, I shall take the samples and send them for a patho histological examination. I shall do a culture of the BLACKISH mesentery. For layers, any antibiotic treatment will mean to destroy the eggs during the period of treatment and the withdrawal period. It is a big loss to the farmer. The problem of Salmonella in layers is a serious issue. I hope that the situation is now under control.
January 30, 2017
Also, please check Mycotoxicosis
cherukuri choudary cherukuri choudary
Veterinary Doctor
March 19, 2017
Fragile livers are due to mycotoxicosis,fowl cholera,hence depending on the laboratory examination,treatment should be followed.
For treatment of liver recovery ayurvedic and herbal products can be tried without any p>roblem.In case of fowl cholera antibiotics such as pencillin streptomycin combination should be used to control the problem.
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