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Doc Vet Nato in Malaysia, most of our farmers are rearing brown layer breeds. The most popular breed reared is Hisex. Lohmann comes next.
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A bodyweight of 1.50 kg at 23 weeks indicates that your hens are too light and small, causing the prolapse to occur as soon as laying commences. This is a carry over problem of underweight pullets. You should upgrade the specs of your Pullet Starter (0 - 5 weeks old) and Pullet Grower (5 - 10 weeks old) feeds to help your pullets achieve the standard bodyweight curve. Once your pullet bodyweight i ...
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Egyptian feed millers should consider using DDGS to replace as much of the corn and soybean meal required in the diets. At today's DDGS prices, the cost saving should be very attractive.
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Dear GP, Can you send me more details about your ozone water treatment system? My e-mail is
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Ozone is successfully being used for sanitising bird drinking water as well as maintaining biofilm free drinking lines in Australian company has been providing such systems for many years and the cost is not prohibitive when installed correctly.
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Dear AR Baldovino, Ozone gas can be a suitable alternative. There are companies that specialise in manufacturing and installing ozone generating machines for water sterilisation as required by food companies and other industries. It may be pretty expensive but this should ensure that you don't get any unwanted chemical residues in your system.
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Dear Khaliphani, I have had a few cases where the litter from the previous flock could not be removed fast enough from the barns before the next batch of chicks arrived and stocked. We observed that such chicks would easily get infected with Infectious Bursal Disease (Gumboro) virus. Beside IBD, other resistant viruses which can persist in the litter are Reovirus and Adenovirus. All these viruses ...
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Hi Steven, I feel that the underlying cause of your problem is the insufficient body and skeletal development of your pullets. Under our hot tropical conditions where appetite is always being suppressed, young pullets tend to be underweight with much smaller body frame. So when they come into lay or photo stimulated, the eggs are likely obstructed by the smaller cloaca and vent, resulting in prola ...
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Hi Steven, what levels of Metabolizable Energy and Crude Protein are your using for your first layer feed when the problem was first seen? What is the bodyweight of the pullets when you began increasing the light hours at 21 weeks old? Under normal situation if the pullets' internal organ and body frame development are optimum, you shouldn't be experiencing prolapse. I have also noticed that Lohma ...
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While Kelp Meal has been used in layer feeds as a way to improve eggshell appearance and colour, the benefits of using Omega-3 enriched algae is questionable as there is no clear cut nutritional requirement of Omega-3 for poultry. I would only use it if I wish to produce Omega-3 enriched eggs for human consumption.
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