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i think the brand of vaccine used in this trial also matters.
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Kannan Ganapathy (University of Liverpool) talked about the epidemiology, prevention and control of this disease, during Avicolas Porcinos 2018 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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secondary e.coli infection is the problem with crd. if the infection is severe, loses can be high. the best way is to prevent it.
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Mr. Tan, it seems that the flock was brought to production aggresively. I also practice using high dense feeds to young flock and the result was good. i think there is a problem with the pullet preparation.
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Very rare you can see vent pecking in broilers. it is more common on laying birds. If it occur in broilers it is mainly cause by crowding ang too much light intensity.
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looks like bacterial infection. Try to use other antibiotics and supplement with liver tonic and Vitamin ADE.
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i think it is also important to note aside from good nitrition, management is a big factor in acheiving good body wt and uniformity. please take note on feeding and watering space.
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very informative article and very timely.
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in case of organic chicken, building higher resistance is your only weapon since no antibiotics allowed. in my case i use probiotics with yeast Cw daily for few hours. of course follow strict biosecurity.
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separating smaller ones is always a good measure. this lessen competition on spaces. Uneven growth on broilers or layers has many factors to consider. Mostly brooding management mistakes. temp., humidity, floor and feeding space. whatever the reason is, it is important to identify what went wrong to the current flock and correct it to the next flock.
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