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News published on April 7, 2008:

Social behaviour of pigs included in breeding programme for first time

Sociable pigs can now be bred thanks to a method developed jointly by the Institute for Pig Genetics (IPG) and the Animal Breeding and Genomics Centre of Wageningen University. Researchers have developed a math...
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News published on February 6, 2008:

Timing And Quality - Keys To Breeding Performance On Sow Farms

High conception rates are vital to productivity on any sow farm, be it a farrow-to-wean, farrow-to-feeder pig, or farrow-to-finish unit. Indeed swine farm enterprise record services show that higher profit farm...
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Virginia Cooperative Extension / Livestock Update
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News published on January 29, 2008:

Modified Diet May Increase Swine Birthrate

For more than 20 years, intensive genetic selection has led to an increase in both litter size and birth weight in swine. However, prenatal death and fetal growth restriction remain important factors that limit...
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News published on January 24, 2008:

Swine Genetics Company Hypor To Acquire France Hybrides

Hypor, the pig breeding division of Hendrix Genetics BV has signed a memorandum of understanding to acquire France Hybrides from Groupe Glon. The deal should be completed first half of 2008, although remains su...
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News published on January 3, 2008:

Swine: Genetic Selection Plays Key Role in Success of Group Sow Housing

An Embro, Ontario based swine producer reports genetic selection will play a key role in the level of aggression displayed by sows housed in group based production systems.In 1996, to adopt more welfare friendl...
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News published on December 12, 2007:

New Pig Genetic Marker Technology Released

Genetic markers significantly associated with growth, leanness and meat quality are now available to all U.S. pork producers. The Iowa State University Research Foundation has recently signed a licensing agreem...
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National Pork Board
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News published on December 7, 2007:

Reproductive Performance: Sow Herd Management

Individual sow nutrition is one of the aspects of maximizing sow herd performance in terms of pigs produced per litter, and in the quality of the pigs produced. The requirements of gilts in getting them develop...
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OMAFRA Pork News & Views Newsletter
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News published on November 28, 2007:

Alternatives to unanaesthetised castration piglets

Commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (NLV), the Animal Sciences Group at Wageningen UR is researching (new) methods of castrating young piglets under anaesthetic. Anaesthetising ...
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Wageningen UR Animal Sciences Group
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News published on November 19, 2007:

Embryo Implantation: Experts Link Up to Boost Sperm Success

Scientists at the University of Leeds, renowned leaders in the field of reproductive biology, have joined forces with JSR Genetics in a project that could improve embryo implantation rates - in pigs and eventua...
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JSR Genetics
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News published on November 14, 2007:

Hogging the Skies: Largest ever air shipment of live pigs lands in China

Hypor, one of the world's top pig breeding companies, has delivered the largest single shipment of live hogs into China by air. This is also the largest shipment by air from Canada to China. The breeding stock ...
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Hypor News
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