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Discussion created on 08/20/2010

Alfalfa Pellets in Dairy Cattle Rations

Forum: Using Alfalfa Pellets in Dairy Cattle Rations

Hi friends,

Has anybody used pelletted alfalfa in their dairy cattle rations. If I have chance I want to use it. But I have doubts because of the particular size of the TMR. If I use the alfalfa pellets instead of hay, the particular size of the TMR will be small. And I think this may cause the acidosis, affect the rumen metabolism. So If there is somebody has used it, share us his experiments, I would be glad.

Thank you.

Duygu Ekin
Agro Engineer Zootechnist
Karin Keckeis
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Berne (Switzerland), Bern, Switzerland
Veterinary Doctor
Re: Forum: Using Alfalfa Pellets in Dairy Cattle Rations
09/15/2010 |

I dont know about the particle size in alfalfa pellets, but I share your worry on rumen health and I want to add concern about the suitability of this product for ruminants if you use it to replace hay in the ration. This could be a health and welfare problem in cows.
Why continue to move away from rations which anyway may be close to the limits of being appropriate to the species (even for dairy cows of high genetic merit susceptible to lots of metablic health disorders) ?

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Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Re: Forum: Using Alfalfa Pellets in Dairy Cattle Rations
09/16/2010 |

We tried using Alfalfa pellets in Middle East but the project was not successful as hay pellets or full feed pellets (combined concentrate and hay pellets) were. Also considerable manufacturing problems were faced in Alfalfa pelleting procedure. therefore we considered offering alfalfa and Rhodes grass in the natural form.


Dr. Eyup Baser
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, Konya, Turkey
Agro Engineer Zootechnist
Re: Forum: Using Alfalfa Pellets in Dairy Cattle Rations
09/17/2010 | Well, Im from Turkiye. As far as I know, There is a feed manufacturer in Karapýnar, Konya Turkiye. They produce alfa alfa pellets as an animal feed. Im also have been working Bahri Dagdas International Agricultural Research Institute in Konya. You can contact to me or fabric. my contact point is (eyupbaser61@yahoo.com).
Dr.S. Mathan Kumar
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Muscat, Masqat, Omán
Re: Forum: Using Alfalfa Pellets in Dairy Cattle Rations
09/19/2010 |

Dear All,
Why one would try Alfalfa pellets in a commercial dairy operation, surely does the harm rather to do the good, Experimental feeding comparisons clearly proved that using alfalfa pellets has induced a higher proportion of SARA and accompanied Poor hoof health.
When given a choice between Alfalfa pellets and Hay, one should always choose hay as it provides a greater surface area for micobial action rather not to elevate a sudden surge of lactate in the rumen.

Dr Mathan

Fantay Belete
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mekelle, Tigray [Tigre] , Ethiopia
Re: Forum: Using Alfalfa Pellets in Dairy Cattle Rations
04/19/2013 |

I want to do my thesis in economic significance of alfalfa in developing country. Can you help me preparing table of contents?

Kabir Ahmed Chohan
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Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Animal Nutritionist
Re: Forum: Using Alfalfa Pellets in Dairy Cattle Rations
01/14/2015 | Hello Dr. RAHUL CHANDRAVANSHI, Please send me your email or whats app number, i need to discuss with you some issues of complete feed pellets please.
Kabir Chohan
Animal Nutritionist
Lahore, Pakistan
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Marechal Candido Rondon, Parana, Brazil
Re: Forum: Using Alfalfa Pellets in Dairy Cattle Rations
03/09/2015 | I have successfully used hay pellet without any metabolólico disorder. Veterinary technician and am a partner in a grasses hay pellets manufacturing company of its kind in Brazil cynodon, we can bypass the long fiber deficiency with a grinding system through cuts, causing the fiber to continue stimulating the rumen. hammer mills systems unravel the fiber making it inefficient. animals confined here in Brazil receive corn grain and soybean meal along with hay pellets, no problem, we are doing tests with weight gain in sheep and horses, all successful to date.

Márcio Dreier
zootecnist - Sustentabio - Brazil
Vasant G Butala
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Pune, Maharashtra, India
Re: Forum: Using Alfalfa Pellets in Dairy Cattle Rations
03/10/2015 | Indian Dairy animals are not getting enough Dry Fodder. Good quality dry fodder is not available. If any one wants to store , it needs space , being bulky in nature, Is there any technology , can we make pellets with high digestible fibre and use it along with concentrate. this will help to use non conventional fodders and make them palatable
M.Sc ( Animal Nutrition)
Director Rumitech Nutrition Pvt Ltd
Sushil Chandra
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Pune, Maharashtra, India
Re: Forum: Using Alfalfa Pellets in Dairy Cattle Rations
03/10/2015 | pelletizing alfa alfa hay commercially a tedious process and unvioable economically.why not to feed chaffed hay ,along with concentrate and chaffed greens as TMR ,which will certainely work.

Dr Chandra
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Fernando Diaz
  Brookings, South Dakota, United States
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