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vaccination poultry flocks

Vaccination of Small Poultry Flocks

Published: February 8, 2008
WHY VACCINATE? Vaccination is an effective means to prevent and/or reduce the adverse effects of specific diseases in poultry. Poultry refers to birds that people keep for their use, and generally includes chicken, turkey, duck, goose, quail, pheasant, pigeon, guinea fowl, pea fowl, ostrich, emu and rhea. Disease-causing organisms can be classified, smallest to largest, as viruses, mycopla...
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Gary Butcher
University of Florida
Muhammad Faeooq Qureshi
4 de diciembre de 2016
Not recommended in broiler. It is recommended only in broiler breeders and layer birds and open range broiler up to 90 days slaughtered. In regular commercial broilers having life 6-7 weeks no need for Mareks vaccine. If an outbreak is suspected contact to poultry consultation or lab diagnosis.
Badipe Olatunbosun
5 de diciembre de 2016
Broilers need not to be vaccinated of marek cos of their short rearing period except 4 d breeders
Othniel Habakkuk Buharshak
6 de diciembre de 2016
White faeces is an indication of possible bacterial infection mostly of the Enterobacteriaceae. It is adviceable to consult your Veterinarian for proper diagnosis. Isolation of causative organism would be of great help because most times, sensitivity would be done to guide antibiotic choice. Farmers should consult their Veterinarians for appropriate vaccination schedules which would be based on the location and the epidemiology of the disease in question.
Kathy E. Baxter
Kathy E. Baxter
8 de diciembre de 2016
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Dr. Jignesh Barot
26 de enero de 2017
How MD vaccination works? Kindly explain the mechanism of action of MD vaccine providing strong immunity against field exposure. Is there any importance of booster MD vaccination? How?
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