Red Mite: Control, Combat and Eradicate

Published on: 02/25/2014
Author/s : Pier Enrico Rossi (Veterinary Surgeon) and Pier Ettore Lucchi(Ali-Avizoo)

Among the numerous ecto-parasites, the most widely recognized in the poultry industry is Dermanyssus gallinae, commonly known as “red mite”. This parasite is not red, but greyish, and becomes red only when it is full of blood, after having feed on his victims. Demanyssus gallinae is quite important, both for his direct effects, being an obliged blood eater, and for his role in the tra...

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lior ben lior ben
Veterinary Doctor
February 25, 2014
Dear Pier,

Which product did you use against red mites? can we buy such product commercially?
Ahmed Abdelmoneim Mohamed Ahmed Abdelmoneim Mohamed
Animal Production
March 2, 2014
Good Article
DrFayyaz Ganie DrFayyaz Ganie
Animal Health Technologist
May 28, 2014
Though article is good but i am not convinved by alternative remedy suggested. we approach has to be directed against the mites. we should have a product which kills adult mites,larvae & eggs. In india, patented phytoacaridical technologies have been developed. such technologies have been successfully used in tick control & have yielded encourgaing results in red mite control.Such novel phytoacaricidal technologiues are based on biactive phytomiticides. these act on all life cycle stages of the red mite & is virtually a breakthough in sustainable mite amangement in poultry.
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