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Nutritional strategies for poultry gut health in antibiotic-free production

Published on: 04/19/2021
Author/s : Anjan Mondal, Senior Technical Manager, Novus International, Inc.

A healthy chicken gut is essential for optimum digestibility, maximum nutrient absorption, immunity development and disease resistance. Disruption of gut integrity and imbalance of gut microbiota may have negative effects on feed conversion, productivity, and health of chicken.For the last few decades in poultry production, antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) have been widely used in poultry diets ...

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Omar Alqudah Omar Alqudah
Animal production -Master animal production, Minor poultry nutrition, breeders and grandparents manager
April 19, 2021
Great. Informations especially the effect of PH of water on enzyme activity. Can you explain how?

Omar alqudah from jordan / breeders farms manager

Thank you
April 19, 2021

Anjan Mondal, I WOULD LIKE TO MAKE SOME CONSIDERATIONS; -In the item strategies for modulating the intestinal flora, in the second paragraph, I think that the effect of increasing the grain size on the gizzard size is not the increase in the motility of the intestine, which would not even have a positive effect on the digestibility of nutrients as mentioned. I believe that the increase in the size of the gizzard due to the increase in the grain size of the ration, does improve the digestibility of the food, due to the retrograde movement of the digesta from the intestine to the gizzard. ; - In the fourth paragraph, he reported a negative effect of soy overheating on protein digestibility, without explaining the reason for this effect. Overheating due to changing the configuration of part of the amino acids from L to the D isomer, which results in a decrease in the efficiency of use of the protein, since only the D-methionine isomer is efficiently used. This occurs due to the absence of some and little activity of others D amino acid oxidase that is specific for each amino acid: - The fifth paragraph seems to be repetitive, since it is again the effect of the granulometry of food.; - In the sixth paragraph, the effect negative of NSPS is exactly due to the increase in viscosity, which by decreasing the fluidity of the digestion in the intestine impairs the diffusion of pancreatic digestive enzymes, which compromises digestibility. Another detail to consider. of water, which if it is above the recommended decreases its consumption compromising the consumption of feed and consequently the performance of the animals My intention was to present suggestions that can contribute to improve the understanding of the material presented.

April 26, 2021
Juarez Donzele
Dear Prof. Donzele,
I appreciate your comments and fully agreed with your considerations.
In the 2nd paragraph of item strategies to modulate intestinal microbiota, I mentioned that "a well-developed gizzard is essential to enhance grinding activity, leading to not only increased gut motility and greater digestion of nutrients, but also to greater reduction in particle size entering the small intestine, ultimately increasing the accessibility of the feed to digestive enzymes" because some researchers reported that a large and well developed gizzard improves gut motility through increasing the level of cholecystokinin release, which stimulates the secretion of pancreatic enzymes and gastro-duodenal refluxes. Coarse particles may slow the passage rate of digesta through the gizzard and increasing the exposure time of nutrients to digestive enzymes that may improve energy utilisation and digestibility. Coarser particles are better suited to poultry because of their stimulating effect on the gizzard size and gut motility. The stimulation of gut motility is an important effect of coarse particles and has been hypothesised to improve intestinal strength due to the greater muscular activity related to reverse peristalsis.
Kasame Trakullerswilai Kasame Trakullerswilai
Bacheler of Veterinary Medicine
April 28, 2021
i think so but have to seek the optimum for each strain and environment
July 15, 2021
Great information. Thanks for your information because I have been making costly mistakes when it comes to health of poultry bird.
Amin Nahla Amin Nahla
Specialist in Animal Nutrition
February 21, 2022
great information thanks
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