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Pierre André Geraert, Aside from the variability of the feed materials, the quality of the nutritional value of the feedstuff is also a big problem. In Nigeria, we are facing a big problem due to the high cost of feed materials so farmers are looking for means to make feed for their birds with minimum cost.
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Adeniyi Patrick Fatoye Indeed Adeniyl, rapid method such as NIRS could be an easy tool to get a correct evaluation of the nutritional value of your feedstuffs. Keep in touch Pierre-André
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The topic is quite logical.The materials that are used as sources of fibre in non ruminant animals have different cf values most animal nutritionists based feed formulation on the CF values,does it mean that the CF values of feed materials are not necessarily important?
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Variability is a major concern for animal nutritionist. Here in Nigeria we experiencing scarcity of feed materials to formulate animals feed.
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