Marek's Disease (MD, Range Paralysis, Gray Eye)

Published on: 10/16/2013
Author/s : David D. Frame (Utah State University), Sarah Tilley (North Carolina State University), Mark C. Bland (Cutler Associates International)

What is it? Marek's disease (MD) is the most commonly diagnosed disease in backyard chickens. Many types of birds can be affected, but chickens seem to be the most susceptible. Marek's disease is caused by a herpes virus that results in tumors in various parts of the bird. Once infected, the birds become carriers for life. The virus is present everywhere in the environment where chickens are raise...

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Steve Tone Steve Tone
Poultry farmer
October 16, 2013
Given that the MD virus is present everywhere, it would seem that taking additional actions to clean and disinfect would not make any difference in final outcomes.

Thus, it would seem that vaccination is the only possible defense, and even then, not completely effective.
Karen Fletcher Karen Fletcher
November 2, 2014
I was under the belief that cleaning reduces the concentration of virus therefore helping the vaccine maintain coverage.

I have had some chickens hatched here in my MDV infected home, sent out to a farm to live, a few came back a few months later and never had a problem with Marek's.

Do you suppose that having a "break time" for a few months may give an exposed chicken a better chance of not succumbing to the virus?
November 3, 2014
It is commonly stated that Marek's disease virus is present in most premises where chickens have been housed. It makes sense to assume that cleaning and disinfecting will reduce heavy exposure. Chickens can (and do) pick up virus; however, thus doesn't necessarily mean they will become ill -- in fact, most do not. Environmental conditions and breed/strain resistance play a significant role in MD actually manifesting itself in causing clinical signs and illness.
Daniel Mc Elroy Daniel Mc Elroy
Poultry farmer
November 3, 2014
will have to come a time when all chicks have to be put together in a all viral states and bacteria infested coop and let them sort it out themselves, with only good grain as feed, and plain water. nothing else immunity needs to be sought, a last man standing sort of program then hens breed from the best and what ever environment they cam from some of the environment moved to there new homes to prepare there immunity in there new coop.
Mohammad Ismail Mohammad Ismail
DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine), MSc (Poultry Science), MBA (Marketing)
August 22, 2016
what would be the vaccination schedule for commercial layer in Bangladesh?
Satish Kumar Satish Kumar
Marketing Manager
June 30, 2017
I have 14-weeks Layer birds affected from Mareks disease. There is daily mortality of 30 birds from last 10-days. Kindly suggest it's treatment .
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