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Deep litter can cause heat and, if not treated, with mint oils or such like will encourage vermin. Drinking water causes problems also with spillages wet areas cause high ammonia smells and flies who in turn set the ball rolling for coci. If you can manage the water feeders and use the right bedding pine needle 8" depth, you would find it best to use, but extra work is the problem for costs.
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Avian influenza H9n2,seems to be linked to stale air, and dust and bloom . respiratory problems can only come from the lack of fresh air. Sheds with 3 sides of wire would be of better health, for any kept bird
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Captive birds, getting the h9n2 flu, I can understand, yet there are not enough corpses from wild birds ,that have this flu virus, showing up in areas that have the infection, the chickens life span is short, and egg laying not much longer, this looks like a in house problem sanitary, and further pointing to the high risk on ECOLI as that is a man made problem through neglect also
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Why is this h9n2 showing up so often, when farms are getting closed that have outbreaks?Also in the area that has Large groups of birds like geese. you don't find any dead birds thereHave any farms let this flu run its course? if not, why not as the bird is going to be killed in the end.
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If the environment is not kept clean, what then, is the going to produce a super virus, bugs. Are herbs not part of the ingredients of antibiotics
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What about wheat and barley, would a steam process treat this problem or dry cured solve it
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will have to come a time when all chicks have to be put together in a all viral states and bacteria infested coop and let them sort it out themselves, with only good grain as feed, and plain water. nothing else immunity needs to be sought, a last man standing sort of program then hens breed from the best and what ever environment they cam from some of the environment mo ...
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the use of yogurt in a compound, would that not help good bacteria mixed in the feed, if used in stay fresh bags or colostrum from cattle as bacteria is the route to all illnesses in the intestine track
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the problem that is occurring, with most poultry injections is not the vaccine, but that of the administration, what is happing the birds are not getting done at the one time with this i mean the arrival of new birds say 2 weeks later than the first arrivals what happens here the birds that have been jagged excrete the virus that was injected into them 2 weeks before and the ...
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