Salmonella in Poultry

Salmonella Control. Richard Ducatelle (Ghent University)

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Anna Catharina Berge Anna Catharina Berge
PhD in Comparative Pathology
Berge Veterinary Consulting Berge Veterinary Consulting
Brabant, Belgium
September 13, 2011

Dear Dr Richard Ducatelle,
Thank you for this nice little video interview salmonella control in poultry. I am interested that you put the risk of wild birds and rodents ahead of the risk of feed. On what do you base this ordering?
Kind regards,
Catharina Berge

September 14, 2011

It´s really a very informative lecture salmonella control in poultry sir, one thing i may add to this is that if we continuously treat drinking water via acidifiers or other clorinating agents and one thing more, we should also treat feed with acidifiers so that we can avoid sources of salmonella.

Greta Van de Sompel Greta Van de Sompel
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
September 14, 2011

very informative salmonella control in poultry

Ozgur Korkmaz Ozgur Korkmaz
Commercial Manager
September 15, 2011
Dear Dr. Ducatelle

What's your suggestion for to control in the feed.What we are use for to treat to feed.Which we use vaccination (live 0r killed) in the Breeder .Can you recmmend what will we use for broiler and breeder.Are there a product.
Best wishes
September 28, 2011

Ref. Salmonella control

Dear Dr. R. Ducatelle
The short discussion on Salmonella control in Europe is very impressive. Can the same vaccine combination (S.T and S.E) be used to control S.gallinarum infections in broilers?

D.C.Hettiarachchi from Sri Lanka

January 17, 2012

The topic is very much informative as salmonella still remains a big threat to both the poultry industry as well as human health.

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