Relative Humidity in Poultry House Air Quality

Forum: Relative Humidity...The Best Measure of Overall Poultry House Air Quality

Published on: 04/11/2012
Author/s : Dr. Mike Czarick, Dr. Brian D. Fairchild (The University of Georgia)
Knowing how much to ventilate during cold weather is crucial to a poultry producer´s bottom line. Ventilating too little can lead to poor air/litter quality, resulting in bird health and performance issues. Ventilating too much can lead to drafty, dusty conditions and high heating costs. To best determine minimum ventilation fan runtime, farm managers should ideally monitor&nb...
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Maqsood Jaffery Maqsood Jaffery
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
April 11, 2012
It is really good article. By acting upon the guidline given can lower the incidence of diseases particularly respiratory diseases. In winter there is low humidity also in some parts of the world, so to relate the level of humidity with the levels of CO2, Ammonia needs more study.
However article is helpfull in managing minimum ventilation for production of healthy poultry. If oxygen levels are also taken care of, will help in better performance.
In my opinion to bear some cost of heating by extra ventilation will be more benificial, but must be governed by the rules mentioned in article.
Syed Maqsood Haider Jaffery
PhD scholar (Pathology)
Dr.muhammad Siddiq Dr.muhammad Siddiq
General Manager
April 12, 2012
it is a good article
Tarusenga Munyanyi Tarusenga Munyanyi
Animal health technologist
April 12, 2012

its good indicator of problems that are going to come however ventilation and air speed that is the oxygen getting in the poultry house and the carbon dioxide going out the house is the most important factor to consider

Dr. Mike Czarick Dr. Mike Czarick
Agricultural Engineer
April 14, 2012

It is important to realize that we NEVER ventilate for oxygen in a poultry house. We ventilate for carbon dixoxide, carbon monoxide, ammonia, moisture, dust, etc...but not for oxygen.

April 18, 2012

Dear Dr. Mike & Dr. Brain, Thank you for your good work. You have clearly shown the correlation among 3 important parameters that affect the growth performance of broilers in closed houses. This work also shows how to obtain comfort indicators by simply measuring RH which costs very much less.

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