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Forum: Formulating Feed for Broiler Performance

Published on: 01/27/2009
Author/s : Dr. K. R. Gunasekar (Courtesy of Avitech Animal Health Pvt. Ltd.)
Every year the marketing age of broilers decreases by an average of 0.75 days for the same performance. This trend is likely to continue in the same direction for the coming years. Nutrition plays a vital role in enabling this improvement. As the feed cost represents an expensive input (~70-80% of broiler production cost), the poultry producer should be aware of the dynamics of the feed in its inf...
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July 6, 2019

The write-up is comprehensive and educative.

maurice obewa maurice obewa
Animal Nutritionist
August 9, 2019

Many of my clients are interested in this topic.

December 25, 2019

I want to start it as a business, how do I go about it? The equipment and the technology involved.

March 10, 2020

We are producing broiler house heed. We are facing little bit problem to make the feed bright. Please suggest me the way to make feed bright.

March 27, 2020
Is there a technology/mill for feed formulation
May 27, 2020
It was very nicely explained and quite helpful in formulating the broilers feed. Anyone wants to have a view on starter formulation can get it from my blog on veterinary globe.
That was formulated by me,

June 3, 2020

Easy to comprehend all encompassing article. Thanks

June 10, 2020
Sir. I want production boiler feed for business purpose. Kindly help me out I want to make small production. please give me your contact number and email.
my email address is
June 14, 2020
Broiler feeds formula sumar,rain and cold time
Raometerial only maiz,soyadoc,rb my want
kittens Miaooo kittens Miaooo
July 27, 2020
I got a mini pillet machine. I want to develop my feed. Can anybody help me?
now I suffer wet dropong too much and poor calcium digestion.
my feed formulation as below

broiler feed preparation (as Grower) 100 kg

1) Maiz (cooked by hot steam) 56 kg
2) Raw soyabeen (cooked by hot steam) 17
3) Soya meal.......11 kg ( Veg oil 3 kg finish feed only)
4) Rice polish..... 7 kg
5) poultry protein concentrate 5 kg
6) molasses..... 2 kg
7)D.C.P....1.2 kg
8) limestone... 0.200kg
9) DL. Mithe...0.200kg
10) L.lysin.... 0.100 kg
11) Solt.....250 kg
emulsifier, premix, probiotic, acidifier, toxin Binder, E- Sel, hal quinoline, coccidiostat, choline chloride, multi amino acid 100g, phytez, feed enzyme
July 27, 2020
Yes. I am about to install a medium size production machine and I don't really have the knowledge, broiler feed formulation.
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