Calcium Specific Appetite of Broilers

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Published on: 04/04/2012
Author/s : S.J. Wilkinson, P.H. Selle, Aaron Cowieson (Poultry Research Foundation, The University of Sydney), M.R. Bedford (AB Vista Feed Ingredients)
SummaryA total of 144 Cobb 500 broilers were used to investigate if modern broilers can regulate calcium intake using choice feeding. Birds were fed diets containing 0.25, 0.50, 0.75 or 1.00% total Ca and a separate Ca source (CaCO3) from 1-21d. Consumption of the separate Ca source increased with decreasing Ca concentration of the mixed ration (P < 0.0001) indicating that modern broilers r...
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April 4, 2012

An interesting paper.
In our broiler trials we found that dietary Ca-level has to be reduced at lower dietary P-concentrations. So, there is an interaction between Ca & P.

Gerard Huyghebaert

Dr. Arshaq A Ramzee Dr. Arshaq A Ramzee
Veterinary Doctor
April 4, 2012

A very good and interesting paper about Calcium Specific Appetite of broiler.  If I am not mistaken, author Aaron Cowieson, used to work for Danisco and later on with AB Vista before joining his current position in University.

Analía Göttig Analía Göttig
Community Manager
April 4, 2012
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Aaron Cowieson Aaron Cowieson
April 4, 2012

Thank you for the interest in this work about Calcium Specific Appetite of broiler. This is part of a large project to explore how digestible P and other dietary factors alter Ca appetite. We are using this model to explore Ca requirement but also with the objective of assessing the usefulness of post-pellet limestone addition which I believe will be beneficial on a whole host of metrics such as mill throughput, die wear, grit particle size selection and of course P digestibility, phytase effect and amino acid digestibility. Removing limestone from the diet appears highly beneficial. We have a paper on this topic in WPSJ 2011 (Dec) and another under review in BPS. Kind regards, Aaron.

M.m.yaghobzadeh M.m.yaghobzadeh
Animal Nutritionist
April 6, 2012
Thank you for the interest in this work
Philippe Joly Philippe Joly
Agro Engineer Zootechnist
October 2, 2012

Very interesting paper about Calcium Specific Appetite of Broiler. But I am quite sure, that , inthis result there is an interaction with an appetite for GRIT.
This could explained why there is an overconsumption of Ca with diet rich in Calcium...
Waiting your comment. Thak you

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