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leg problem in chicken

Forum: Chick Leg Problem

This chick have leg problem. Someone would like to tell me the reason and preventions?

Muhammad Sajid
Muhammad Sajid
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May 6, 2011

Good cuestion about Chick Leg Problem. can u give the details, age, when it started, show picture of leg particularly joints, foot pads so something can be judged.

Kannan Velasamy Kannan Velasamy
Animal Nutritionist
May 6, 2011

condition of parental nutrition -good/optimum/deficient ,
About Chick Leg Problem: is it sitting on its legs?
Has it started after any medication?
condition of the growing farm's diseases (mycoplasma)

Bhupendra Singh Bhupendra Singh
Veterinary Doctor
May 9, 2011

Chick Leg Problem is not a very uncommon problem and we have been really encouraged with the result of Hematophos (info@saifevetmed.com) which provides excellent recovery and you can use it as prophylaxis in susceptible chick batch @ 1ml/5kg body weight. Condition apparently seem to be due to nutritional deficiency.

Saqib Faheem Butt Saqib Faheem Butt
Specialist in Animal Nutrition
May 10, 2011

Dear dr, if Chick Leg Problem happens in first ten days of age, then it migt be due to adeno virus this situation prevails for three to four days n then it recovers, u can say this orpb, verticaly transmitted from parents flock. I dont think that its a nutritional defficinecy bcoz bird is quite young.

May 10, 2011

Unless we get all details about Chick Leg Problem, any prediction is of no use. How can it be diagnosed / judged with a picture.? So let give all details, then we can discuss & conclude something. Mr. Muhmmad Sajid, pl give the details, if you really want to over come the issue and get some solution.

May 11, 2011
Its very unlikely that nutritional deficiencies occur in this young age. Chicks in the initial few days of life may show symptoms if plced on paper (newspapers mostly), as they tend to slip time and again. Do you have any such history. Rest, we can diagnose correctly, if more details are available, alongwith the photo.
Tarusenga Munyanyi Tarusenga Munyanyi
Animal health technologist
May 16, 2011
this is young chick which have weak bones that could have dislocated/ bacterial infection which may cause kinky back. But young chicks may have problems of poor development of the skeletal due to molds in feed enteritis .this photo is not good for differential diagnosis
May 31, 2011
Dear Mr. Sajid:
Are you a farmer or a technical person?
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