Early Nutrition Programming (in ovo and Post-hatch Feeding) as a Strategy to Modulate Gut Health of Poultry

Published on: 10/18/2020
Author/s : Rajesh Jha 1, Amit Kumar Singh 1, Sudhir Yadav 1, Julio Francisco Diaz Berrocoso 2 and Birendra Mishra 1. / 1 Department of Human Nutrition, Food and Animal Sciences, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI, United States; 2 Trouw Nutrition, Poultry Research Centre, Toledo, Spain.

INTRODUCTION Poultry production has increased at a faster rate than any other livestock animal globally. Among others, the nutritionally balanced-feeding program along with antibiotic growth promoters (AGP) in poultry diets played a significant role in achieving this success. However, the poultry industry is under pressure to redefine its nutrition program to grow safe and quality meat in the lig...

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Sushil Chandra Sushil Chandra
Master in Poultry Nutrition 1975
October 18, 2020

A good article
I am here for practical approach
1 Brooder house and brooder lights/heating system must be kept ON 12 hrs before arrival of chicks
2 Add probiotic, B complex and Vit A in water 12 hrs before arrival of chicks so that first water to chicks is lukewarm
3 Grounded maize to be given for first 24 hrs before introducing pre starter
4 Brooder temo must be maintained at 95 degree F during first week
5 Proper ventilation is a must with strict biosecurity
Level of Lysine, methionine, avl P must be kept as standard

November 3, 2020

Hello Dr. Sushil Chandra;
I appreciate your knowledge sharing and I totally agree with you regarding the role of probiotics during early ages in poultry. Can you guide us about the role of Lysine and Methionine in poultry individually?
Dr. Fawad Khalil
DVM, Mphil

November 17, 2020
a very good article. Feeding in ovo has a very interesting perspective
November 30, 2020
Good nutrition of chicken it is Importants in bodies to improving a good health in animals
December 14, 2020
In ovo feeding is a very good idea specially for the weak embryos. I have worked on broilers and quails embryos many times and the results were promising.
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