What are the actual nutrient requirements of broiler birds and its optimization?

Published on: 9/17/2014
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Nowadays in India, live chicken prices are too volatile. Also day by day raw material prices are increasing tremendously. To overcome these issues and to survive in the market, farmers and poultry producer need to produce their chicken at low cost.

We have conducted field trials by using different conventional as well as non conventional items with different nutrient levels to reduce the cost of production. The main objective of this study was to fix the ingredients to be used in feed and to optimize the different nutrient levels. 

Materials and Methods

We have selected different feed formulations with different ingredients and with different nutrient values. 

Sampling Method

Different R & D farms selected having good track record of productivity. 

Results (Birds reared and liquidated in hot summer – Temp. 40-44 Deg.C):


Nutrient Level Comparison:

 Feed Cost Comparison:

 Feed Cost Comparison:

Feed Cost Comparison:

Feed Formulations with First Refining (Considering Current Prices):


As a result of this study, it has been observed that broiler birds are giving well response to low levels of nutrients so its necessary to optimize the level of each nutrient to avoid the wastage of it and according to that, I have done the first refining at all stages of feed. Second and final refining will be done once we will get field reports on the first refined feed formulations. It was also found that birds are responding well to new feed ingredients added in feed Viz. Groundnut Deoiled Cake, Blood Meal & Rapeseed Deoiled Cake. 


Sincere request to all readers to take such trials at your end also to find out the optimum levels of different nutrients required by birds and also try to find out the more non-conventional protein sources in your feed. 

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