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A balanced diet is key for human health promotion. Among essential nutrients Selenium is shown to be deficient in many countries worldwide. In animals as well as in humans, Selenium deficiency is associated with a compromised immunity and increased susceptibility to various diseases including the recent epidemic caused by COVID 19. Production of Se-enriched eggs, meat and milk could be an importan ...
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Dr. Sushil Chandra,, Cannibalism in poultry has been identified due to mineral nutritional deficiency/imbalance, it is required to check up Serum bioavailability of minerals what is fed to birds. We have done Serum Bioavailability studies with our Organic minerals which we are marketing consist of 77 – Organic minerals (v/s Inorganic and Inorganic Chelated which consists of only 7 – 8 mineral ...
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Air is made up of appox. 21% oxygen. Air acts as a big reservoir for oxygen. Oxygen concentration in water is limited by its solubility: Borewell/Tube well water has NO DISSOLVED OXYGEN? “Normal underground water concentrations have little or no dissolved oxygen” Ref.: Brian D. Fairehild and Casey W. Ritz The solubility of dissolved oxygen (DO) in water: • Decreases as temper ...
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Dear Dr. Hande, Your interesting enquiry - Oxygen products are essential for aquatic animals to raise dissolved oxygen level of water where they live. while in case of poultry we tried improving oxygen level in water for birds -but did not notice any significant economical benefits since the bird breathe air we need to maintain oxygen in air. Reported trials with oxygen level in atmosphere O2 Con ...
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We find author has done good calculation of feed formulation job of the available resources. Production could have been better economical by alternative available in India like Organic acids with Sustained release property, organic minerals and antioxidants. Regards, Gaurav Bedi Guybro Chemical
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