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DL-methionine can replace methionine-hydroxy anlalog products in a ratio of 65:100 in laying hen fee

Published: August 15, 2018
Three recent feeding studies confirm that supplying laying hens with adequate dosages of a methionine is necessary to optimize performance, but moreover, products of the methionine-hydroxy analog (liquid MHA-FA; MHA-Ca) are interchangeable with DL-methionine at a ratio of 100:65, without having any negative effect on egg production performance. Assessment of the relative bioavailability of MHA p...
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Carlos de la Cruz Sierra
Evonik Animal Nutrition
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Prince Manu-barfo
27 de septiembre de 2018
An interesting study, considering the fact that not a lot has been done on layers in this regard. The findings are not surprising to me, though. Well done Carlos!
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